“Hate” Interview by Shibalika Tamuli

Welcome to mhf, it’s an honor to have you with us. How have you been?

Hello! Glad to talk to you. I have been fine, thanks.

How did you get into extreme metal?

Since I started listening to metal I was always attracted to more extreme forms of it. I was 14-15 years old when my favourite bands were Venom, Destruction, Sodom, Possessed and Slayer. I was already playing guitar back then and felt I should start my own band. By the time I was 17 I had a complete lineup. The band was formed and we named it HATE. It was spring of 1990.

You’re albums are a mix of death and black metal, it’s hard to classify your work into a certain genre so what’s your opinion about it?

I agree it’s a combination of both. It also has some ethnic, tribal elements and industrial influences.

How is it like going through constant lineup changes?

Honestly, it’s not a big problem. As long as we create and are true to ourselves, everything is correct. People come and go, but I consider the band something bigger and more important than just people who create it at a certain time. The band is energy and legacy. It’s something more profound.

You’ve shared stages with Mayhem and Immolation. How was the experience?

It was inspiring. Especially a tour that we did with Mayhem in North America some years ago. By the way, one of our priorities is to be back in the US after the album is out. We are talking to some agency now about possible tour this Autumn.

You’ve done a napalm death cover. Tell us about your views on death metal. It’s a vast genre these days with numerous branches, are you happy with where it is going?

Well, I do not observe it so closely these days. There are still some great death metal bands that have something to offer, but I find other music genres more inspiring now.

What are your views on the impact of Satanism on black metal? What do you think about unblack metal?

Unblack metal… is there anything like that?? Seriously? Sorry for my ignorance, but I never heard of it. Black metal is connected to Satanism and some other ideologies like anti-human nihilism etc. The two sides – music and ideology seem to be inseparable here. I think it’s still the most rebellious genre with a strong mystical part to it. And it’s very often misunderstood.

Besides the heavyweight like behemoth, what do you think about the Polish local scene and about the up and coming bands there?

The Polish metal scene is real strong today. Besides the main extreme metal bands that everybody knows, there is a new wave of black metal acts like Mgła, Batushka and others that are now making their names internationally. Polish metal scene is phenomenal.

A little bit of insight about your new album?

Most of the album is connected to Paganism, pre-christian times and looking for the roots. I thought it was important because Slavic, pre-christian domain is like a lost world, almost completely unknown to people today. Its values and philosophies have been destroyed and buried by the Christian civilisation that came along. Quite a lot of it has been discovered and put together in the last two decades and I think it’s definitely something worth referring to. And you can also hear it in the music. We used quite a lot of ethnic-like rhythms and motives on Tremendum.

What’s the rest of 2017 shaping up to be for Hate?

Only in April we release a regular video clip for the new song „Numinosum”. Right after the album’s premiere we’re going on european tour in May. Then we’ll be visiting Greece and Russia and also some festivals in different european Countries. These have been confirmed. As I mentioned, we have an American tour in our plans for 2017 and also a full-fledged tour in Asia in Nov/Dec.

Thanks a lot for talking to us.It’s an honor to have you within our publication. Would you please leave a message for your fans and readers of Metalheads Forever Magazine?

Thanks for this interview. I hope all our fans and followers will enjoy „Tremendum”. Observe our official sites – the time of our return to America is coming!


Shibalika Tamuli / MHF Magazine

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