Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Crematory! I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your, no doubt, busy schedule to answer a few questions for us here at Metalheads Forever Magazine. So let us get started.

Founded in 1991 and with a total of 13 studio albums, including your latest Monument, what can you say has contributed to your longevity as a band?

I think the Band always believed in what they were doing, they loved what they were doing. And we still love to play concerts, record new music, chat with fans at festivals, and simply have time together as a Band and living our dream. We all love to go out and play shows and it’s always a great moment for us to hit the stage and been able to make music together. Also the Band tried to be very original and unique and did not blind follow any trends. There always was this consistency in our music which you can hear on all of our albums.

How do you feel the current lineup is meshing together? Do you feel you have found the right people to deliver the Crematory sound while still adding their own twist to things?

Right now it’s all going very great with the Band. The members fit wonderful together and it’s a real pleasure to be in Crematory. We have tons of fun and it feels like one family. Which has always been very important to each one of us. A complete year of touring and rehearsing lies behind us now and I can say, it all goes very well. Also soundwise it’s going real great, the Band got together and this new heaviness and power is really moving us all.

Speaking of the new album, how do you feel Monument has been received? Has there been a lot of fan response to the new material when playing on stage?

The new album is well received by the fans and we got great compliments on the new record. It combines lots of Crematory trademarks, it is Heavy and melodic and integrates the new members perfectly into the Band. With two new guitar players it was pretty much obvious that the material would be more heavy and powerful. And the fans love it. We play usually five songs from the new album in our shows and they are well implemented into the setlist and fit great.

With all the competition out there in the music business, what factors led to the decision to record with Steamhammer/SPV?

Well first of all SPV is a great label and the support from them is superb. There are not many labels in this size left in these times now and SPV offered the right mixture of all the components you’ll need to release a Crematory album.

Having so many albums under your belts, how are you able to stay true, so to speak, to the sound everyone has come to love of Crematory while still releasing fresh material?

Ha, good question. I think having a good team is a big part of the success. We have a team around us that adds new and fresh stuff and that keeps it original and open at the same time. It’s a contribution of a couple of people and this doesn’t make it sound like a copy from itself. And knowing what you want to sound like helps a lot. We are very focused on the direction of an album upfront. There has been lots of talking and preparation before we go to the studio, so that there are no surprises. You need to have a plan.

I have seen you have shows you will be playing in the upcoming months in Germany. Any plans for any international touring in the near future?

Well we just played in St. Petersburg and Moscow in January and will play in the Czech Republic at the Masters of Rock Festival this summer, and there is a little option for a small tour at the end of the year but nothing is confirmed or fixed yet. We would love to play more international but it has to fit with our plans and schedules too. And that is sometimes a tough thing. Let’s see what else comes in this year.

I am sure you have played too many shows to have a specific favorite but what would you say is one of your most memorable meet and greet fan moments?

For me there is none specific. It’s amazing to see at signing sessions how many diehard fans we have and that is a fantastic thing. We do really appreciate that. There are fans out there which collect everything and it’s that moment when you meet them and they show you the collection of stuff they have bought and collected over the years and that is simply amazing. There are people out there they know everything about the Band and that is a wonderful thing. This is definitely something that keeps you going. I guess it’s that same craziness that we musicians have in a way. That connects us.

Being seasoned and successful musicians who have been in the business for as long as you have, what advice would you give young musicians?

I guess it’s a very normal advice. Believe in yourself, be willing to learn and do it for the right reasons. If your feelings say do it, then go. If you hesitate, then better think twice. Being a musician can be frustrating sometimes and there always comes good and bad and you will only be able to stand these harder moments if you love what you do. Practicing hard, be a nice, enthusiastic and funny guy to work with will definitely help, cause everyone loves to work with those kind of people. And last but not least build a network of people in all the related parts of the business. Network is everything. Know the people, be smart and nice and they will remember you.

Thanks again for your time with us. I hope to hear more from Crematory and good luck in all your future endeavours!

Thanks a lot for having us!! Rolf Munkes

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