The Canadian thrashers are back after 6 years of wait. The earlier album “Destroyers of faith” was originally released in 2011 (by the band SkullHammer) but the band changed their name in 2012 and released the same album… So You might say this is the debut album by the band Terrifier. And what an album we have here… Let´s take a closer look and to my neighbors…. You shut the fuck up, this has to be played with high volume.

Took about 10 seconds to realize what the deal is… Back to 80s and to school. But something is different, and took me a while to notice it… Blasting my ears off started to realize some pretty original elements in this. This is not just basic, sometimes even pretty boring thrash.

First thing to notice is the drumming. Surely sounds like death metal with those lightning fast double basses added with some thunderous blast beats. The second is the “no mercy”-attitude with those heavy, brutal and aggressive riffs and of course insanely fast solos. In addition to this bulldozing bass-lines and high pitched vocals to make this a very well organized skull chrushing chaos.
While listening to this You can´t help but noticing the influences… Some old school thrash from North America but added with some adrenaline and furious speed just like earlier bands did in Europe, so-called Teutonic thrash. As the band itself describes “our music is fast, technical, heavy, melodic and shredding.”

Lyrical themes in this album can be described as… Interesting. Not only angry and bitter attacking against the world we live in but also funny and humorous “Drunk as fuck”, and in some songs the themes are taken straight from different movies ““Skitzoid Embolism” with it’s intro from Total Recall and “Sect of the serpent” inspired by Conan.

Personally didn´t understand the slow instrumental “Riders of doom”, maybe it´s just a little calm down before the thunderous final…

Overall a very good album for those who are truly in love with old school thrash, 43 minutes of pure headbanging, kick ass and destroy everything attitude…. Not for those who like their music to be calm or filled with beautiful melodies. (9/10)

Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela / MHF

Co-Editor, Web & Graphic Designer and Application Developer, Facebook Groups Senior Admin (@serust) at Metalheads Forever Official


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