Hello guys I would like to thank you for taking some time from your busy schedule to have a discussion about the current events and future events of Dopethrone. We are very pleased to have you grace our pages here at Metalheads Forever Magazine and are interested in getting to know you a little better and to give our readers and your fans a little insight into what is the nuts and bolts of Dopethrone, with that being said Let’s begin:

I read you guys hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada? Love that City and I’m a huge Habs fan and hope this is the year we finally win the Stanley cup since 1993. Any of you guys hockey fans? If so what are your thoughts on this years team, with the new additions of Weber, Shall and Radulov? Are you liking our 12-1-1 start? Okay enough about non related topic of hockey but it’s a great Ice breaker lol.

I played hockey all my life. I love watching hockey but lost interest in the sport since Gary Bettman has taken over as commissioner. I don’t have cable anymore so can’t watch the games but still play hockey every winter . Hockey in Montreal is like a religion.

I understand that you guys are considered Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal, is that fair to say? How do you guys feel about this whole Genre and labelling of bands? What do you think of all the fusion and experimentation of sounds within the Metal Realms? I know Montreal is famous for many things, it’s European look and feel and vibe and culturally diverse as a Bilingual speaking region French and English. How is the Metal scene there and In particular how is the Doom/Sludge Metal scene in Montreal and in the Province of Quebec as a whole?

Metal is very alive in Quebec and in Montreal. I don’t consider DOPETHRONE to be a metal band. We do have metal elements to our music (big guitar and crusty vocals) but i think we are more a punk band with blues influences . Not a lot of Doom metal bands in MTL . Were friends with a band named TUMBLEWEED DEALER .You should check them out.


You guys have released 4 full length albums and 2 EP’s since your incarnation in 2009, what would you say is your best and worst memories during the writing and recording of these albums, I’m sure there are many great stories to be told for each. Speaking of writing who does most of the writing for Dopethrone? Is it by committee or an individualized process? Do you enjoy this stage of the development process, as many know this can be very difficult, hard and a frustrating period in the overall process? Or do you enjoy the recording, mixing and finally mastering your finished product better? Or is it a labour of love and a love hate relationship?

We usually jam me and Vince and fuck around with riffs and play them to Vyk .Vocals are mostly done when all the songs are already built . We don’t demo (we will for album number 5) we then book the studio and just go at it. Recording for me is not the part I like the most I love playing live. It’s a long process from start to finish and when the mixing and mastering is over I usually don’t listen to the songs for 1 month or so just to detached myself from them. It’s definitely a love – hate relationship yes.

In listening to your albums , there is a slight shift in sound can this be contributed to you guys growing and maturing as individuals or as a band collectively? Each album is amazing in it’s own right but different and stand on their own, is there a method to coming up with the concepts or theme of what the album will be about? Is it a organic process and evolves naturally or do you plan one day from the next and collect ideas to move forward for the next stage of creating an album? what are your thoughts on this ? and how does it affect your direction on future projects or albums?

For sure we’re better musicians and we have better gear now and for the last album we had a new studio . We are now working on the 5th album. We did a lot of touring in the last 4 months and I think it will serve us well in all the process of recording the next album. Like I said we will try to demo stuff this time around to make sure we’re 100% ready when it’s time to record the next one. We already have ideas and lyrics and even samples .


What is the next stage for Dopethrone in your development as a band? More extensive writing and touring the world. At the moment of this interview where are you currently? And where are you heading next? Where can your fans find you in the coming Months? Before we conclude can you guys give us some insight into your opinions on the current status of the World in terms of the Political landscape and religious point of view and how it affects you as people and as a band? Any final words for our readers and your fans here at Metalheads Forever Magazine ?

We just came off a 3 month of touring. We did 46 shows in 21 countries. We are now back in Montreal. Taking a break right now till january. I need to take care of some health issues (nothing serious) We have 3 new songs and will start working on album number 5 that should be out for 2018 (DOPETHRONE 10th anniversary ) Next gigs : MDF 2017 in the USA . As for religion and politics… fuck both subjects !! We believe in nothing more than ourselves . FINAL WORDS : buy our music – come see our shows and remember that this is all DIY . We need your support and get ready cuz the next album will kickass . Cheers Thanks

Thanks once again for taking the time to talk with us and share your thoughts , wisdom and experience. All the best to you and your future endeavours.

David Maloney / Metalheads Forever Magazine

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