edu-1NERVOCHAOS was formed in spring of 1996, with the focus of creating extreme music. The band is led by drummer Edu Lane, a busy man in many spectrums and facets of the music industry. He not only juggles being a touring member of Cult status band Nervochaos but also a representative of World renown ALPHA OMEGA MANAGEMENT. Edu was recently added as team member as Head of the South American office.

Hello Edu, thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at Metalheads Forever Magazine. How are you doing? Hope all is well.

Hi David! I’ve been extremely busy with NERVOCHAOS and ALPHA OMEGA, but all is good!

You are a busy individual, can you tell us about your duel roles as active band member and your most recent new role with Alpha Omega Management? What events led to this current new role and what will be your duties within this amazing new position?

I met Alex Azzali during our European tour in 2011. Since then we became friends and Alex kept working with NERVOCHAOS. He did mix and master for our album ‘To The Death’ (2012). He also came to Rio de Janeiro, in 2014, to record ‘The Art of Vengeance’ album and this year (2016) we’ve recorded our new album ‘Nyctophilia’ in Italy at Alpha Omega Studios. We spent a month in Italy working/recording our new album and during that period I was invited by Alex to join ALPHA OMEGA. I love the whole concept of ALPHA OMEGA and I felt very honored to join the team. I’m head of South American territory but not limited to it. I’ll be doing management and booking for AO’s artists.

With your background and experience and interests, What significant contributions can you bring to the equation? Where do you see this team heading in the future? BTW Congratulations Edu on your new position and role within the Alpha Omega Team.

Thanks a lot. I’ve been doing booking and management in Latin America since 96, so I think I can offer good tour opportunities for AO’s artists plus management for up and coming bands. Besides that, I’m also working to bring some killer acts to AO’s roaster.

Edu you are also a very busy drummer for Metallers Nervochaos, Can you tell us about the band and it’s formation?

I formed NERVOCHAOS in 96. We have 6 studio albums, 1 live album, 3 DVDs, 3 DTs and 10″split EP out. Our new (7th) studio album is coming out in early 2017. We’ve been doing 100/150 gig per year, so we’re not afraid of performing live or touring. This year we completed 20 years and have a special limited edition box set coming out next month. We’re an old school METAL band and you can check out more about us at

edu-2Nervochaos is considered by many to be a very hard working band and play an aggressive and extreme style of music. How do you feel about labels and the whole Genre mongering? Does it affect the band and it’s respective sound? It seems you guys do what you do best and that’s play loud and play fast and play often is that fair to say?

You’re right, we do what we love and we don’t really care about music labels/genres, we don’t want to be limited by it….Our music has Death, Thrash, Black Metal elements with some HC/Punk feeling added to it. If we have to choose a label for our music I would say it’s Extreme Music. We do it for passion and not for fashion. I believe that true bands are touring bands, so we do a lot touring and work. We do have lots of influences but we try to create our own sound/music and I think we’re on the right path to it.

Nervochaos have released 6 full length albums since 1996, and this past summer you were in Italy, at Alpha Omega Studios to record your new full-length album, entitled ‘Nyctophilia’. What can your fans expect from it?

It’s a bit cliche to say, but I do believe it’s our best work so far. Mainly because we’re mature as a band and we’re very comfortable with our music/sound style. For the first time everybody in the band worked together, composing and contributing for the new material. Also we had Alex (who knows and understand the band’s proposal and music) as a producer and in his studio. It’s a very strong album, very old school sounding and for sure the most solid work we did so far.

Just recently you toured in Europe with Venom Inc. followed by another European tour with Gorgasm. What can you tell me about them? Where can your fans expect to find you in 2017?

Both tour were fuckin awesome and we had a blast! All bands on both tours were killer and it was a very unique experience, besides being great tours as well. For sure our fans can expect to see us touring intensively in 2017 once we’ll be promoting the new album. So we want to do our biggest tour ever and reach every territory possible on the globe.

There are a millions questions I would love to ask, maybe we can do a follow up in the very near future and explore both roles you have a little further.

For sure we can and it will be a pleasure.

In closing I would like to thank you again for taking the time to speak with us and once again Congratulations on your addition to the Alpha Omega family. Do you have any final words or a message for your fans all over the World and readers of Metalheads Forever Magazine? All the best to you and yours in all your future endeavors.

Thanks a lot for such a cool interview and for the opportunity to be at Metalheads Forever Magazine. Underground is a lifestyle and we do it for passion and not for fashion! To the death!

David Maloney / Metalheads Forever Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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