Interview With Mike Risko of Ego

By Keith Clement


Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how are you doing today Mike?

Hi Keith! I’m good, thanks. I just had band practice with EGO. We are working on new material. Four new songs are already complete, the music to two more are written and just need to be arranged with lyrics. Then it will be time to hit the studio!


Can you please tell us about EGO?

EGO has been together since 2006. Our first EP titled EGO was recorded in 2006.  We started off wanting to be an Instrumental 3 piece band that played progressive fusion with odd time signatures & just wanted to melt faces! Our 1st album RESISTANCE IS FUTILE was released in 2011 and was all instrumental, except vocals on one song.  NOSFERATU was released in digital format on June 6, 2017 – It is a concept album that I am very proud of and we just signed with SHREDGUY RECORDS and it is finally available worldwide on disc format. Like i said earlier, we are currently working on our next release. EGO has been performing steadily through the years opening for various Influences. We have played with Michael Schenker,  Nevermore, John 5, The Tubes, Anvil, just to name a few.

You have released an EP in 2006, and your first full length album “Resistance In Futile” came out in 2011, What is the band currently into, are there any plans for 2018?

Just to continue performing live around the Cleveland area. Get into the studio hopefully by the fall, and work on our next masterpiece!


Tell us how the band was formed, and what made you guys start the band?

Dan Schostek and I have worked together since 1988. We performed in a band called MAJESTIC for probably 17 years playing Classic and Prog Rock like Kansas, Journey, Boston, Styx, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Marillion, etc and making money playing cover songs and getting used to performing live.  I think that helped us get to where we are now. Playing live!! In a live setting is where we feel most comfortable. The atmosphere and energy you get from the people! After playing every weekend for so many years, we decided to start writing our own music and so we decided to start EGO!


The band has been playing mostly in US, what are your plans to travel across borders and wide?

EGO would love to travel, perhaps a tour in Europe.  Always wanted to play Germany or somewhere other than the US, where they appreciate complex progressive music


How does it feel to work with Shredguy Records?

Michael McDowell and SHREDGUY are awesome!!! LOVE that he loves and understands our music!

Nosferatu has been selling steadily since we started working with them! We are definitely looking forward to the future with them! With SHREDGUY RECORDS – Sky is the limit!


What are the biggest influences for the band?

Opeth, Fates Warning, Symphony X, Marillion (Fish era), Darkology, Rush, ELP, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Dio.

As far as Guitar influences : Al DiMeola, Michael Schenker, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Uli Jon Roth, Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie J Malmsteen, and Michael Harris.

Are you getting enough support from the fans, how does it feel to perform in Cleveland, OH. Your home city?

We love Cleveland. Great friends and great fans!! We have met such an amazing bunch of musicians that support each other, and some very talented Photographers & Videographers!


Any message for the fans and readers of the Magazine?

Yes!!! Check out EGO! Come and see us live if you like Progressive Metal with dark overtones and cool hooks with lots of melody. Listen to our music and we will take you on a musical journey! Make sure and check out our band page for all the updates and concert dates, and the Shredguy store at



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