This time im reviewing Alpha Omega management`s and MHF memberband
Art OF Deception newest album,  Path of Trees.

Art Of Deception comes from Sandnes in the Rogaland region on the west coast of Norway.
Path of trees is their second release, they released an album called Shattered Deliusions in 2016.
In a metalscene in Norway dominated by Black metal, Art of Deception play melodic Death metal.
Im always sceptic when im gonna listen to newer Death metal, the quality of modern death metal
is seldom as good  as it was in the golden days.
The biggest problem is usally that
most new death metal bands sound almost identical
and it has tendecy to lack the distinctiveness 
and the own sound which almost every “old” bands had.
But that is not the case with Art Of Deception.

Path of trees is a very good death metal album with very various material and the production is
good. I found pretty fast a favorite song on the album, the second song The Contortionist.
Cosmic fire and Shadows is two other songs i really liked.
This is technical and creative musicians,
which i think has a bright future.
I can recommened Path of trees to everyone who like good melodic death metal.
Art of Deception is a very good band and they don`t go in the trap of sounding like all the others.
Path Of Trees is a album which i needed to listen to a few times, but it sounded better
for each listen.

Art OF Deception is:
Patrick Ivan Rørheim Bass
Einar Petersen Drums
Marius Ofstad Guitars, Vocals*
Sindre Wathne Johnsen Guitars, Vocals

*Latest news about Art OF Deception is that Marius Ofstad have left the band

“Creative and tecnical  death metal”  8,5/10

1. Ocean Turns
2. The Contortionist
3. Dark Psychosis
4. Gate 19
5. Cosmic Fire
6. Path of Trees
7. Lysjakt
8. Shadows
9. The Fire Inside



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