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Hello and welcome to Metalheads Forever Magazine. How are you and how’s life in the World of End Of Green? Can you tell us a little about the band and it’s members and their roles within the band? Is that three guitarist I count?

SAD SIR: Well, we’re five stunning looking guys coming from stuttgart, which is a city in southern germany and we play rock music. Sometimes loud, sometimes not – but always with loads of dark tones and even more passion in there. Michelle Darkness sings and plays guitar, Kerker play guitar, Hampez plays bass, Lusiffer is on drums and I play guitar. Yes, you’re absolutely right: it’s three guitars.

You hail from Germany one of the most diverse Countries in the World, the culture, the people and especially the music. What bands from your native Country influenced your unique style and sound? What other bands help cultivate what you define as the two constants in life: Pain and Passion?

SAD SIR: Actually, when we started out we all really liked to listen to Kreator, actually I still do. But we were not really influenced by them musically, probably more by their way of being straightforward. The most native German influences I personally have are old post punk and punk bands. Kerker is really into old Krautrock stuff. As a band, I guess there’s more of a British and American influence in there. I’d say, when we began we were somewhere between Kyuss, The Cult, Bad Religion, Fields Of The Nephilim, Alice in Chains  and Monster Magnet and loads of these Bands coming up in the early 90s.

You are described by many to be Metal, Goth, Black with Alternative influences, that is quite a diverse mix or a diverse sound. Without travelling to deep into Genres (which seem to be created by the hour) what do you consider yourselves to be? What do you think of such labels, if you even care at all?

SAD SIR: I mean for a rough grading those labels are quite helpful. I’d consider ourselves as a dark rock band, that’s about it, and not even some sophisticated sounding lie. But I don’t care if we’re called dark metal, alternative goth or whatever that might be. We’re a lot: There’s metal in it, there’s a little punk rock in it, Goth as well and obviously we’re operating in different shades of dark – but we’re all hooked up on good songs, and they luckily come in all kind of shapes and genres. As a band we’re going for: the song.

You say yourselves End Of Green offers a small flicker of light that makes the darkness a little more bearable. Sometimes this spark turns into a wildfire and burns everything to ashes. Is this analogy an accurate assessment of the band and it’s philosophy on life in general? or is it something you also use as inspiration for your music? I like the contradiction of light and darkness, which do you prefer? Or is there a balance of both?

SAD SIR: Well, obviously some things are better burned down to the ground (laughs) … at least to make some room for the more enjoyable aspects of life. I guess, our approach to music is a celebration of melancholy, there’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t see the point in hating everything. There’s has to be something that keeps you from being a total wreck – loved ones, a dog or a song. In that case we’re happy to offer songs that might help to clear up dark days … at least a little. When it comes to life, I guess a healthy balance between „fuck everything“ and „splendid!“ is worth a try. Okay, several of them.

How do you turn the Drama and despair of life and make it a tangible, make it work in favor for the band?

SAD SIR: Well, that’s the top reason for being in a band in the first place: taking everyday’s drama, dealing with it, throw it against walls … and turn it into a song. Strange enough, we never wrote a song about being in a totally good mood, inviting people to a pool party and embracing strangers. When I’m in that mood I usually hang out with my loved ones, laugh and have a jolly good time. When I’m not: picking up that guitar is always a good idea. Not with the purpose of writing a song, more because it’s removing some tension.

You have a new album dropping Summer August 18th “Void Estate” Can you tell our readers what we can expect?

SAD SIR: Probably our most daring record to date. We never saw the point in writing a record we already released. I just don’t get it. With VOID ESTATE I think for the first time ever we really took ourselves off any expectations other people would have. The record turned out quite dark and mellow, and in that case I can surely say: it just happened, which I think is great. I guess records are always an indicator of the months the songs we’re written. VOID ESTATE is where we’re at – or where we’ve been over the last months.

Is there a tour in the works for this album, if so when and where does it kick off? Can we expect a North American Tour, would love to see you guys live.

 SAD SIR: It’s not like we do not want to play in the US. But up to this day we were never invited by any promoter’s and we simply can’t afford to do it on our own. And hell yeah, touring the US is the dream of almost every band out there. Come on, driving on roads Springsteen wrote a songs about: who wouldn’t want this? So if you know any good folks: please let them know. We’re nice folks.

What else can your fans expect in the second half of 2017 heading into 2018?

SAD SIR: The first goal is: no apocalypse, please. We’re working hard on that one (laughs). Hopefully there’s a lot of touring to do, and songs to write. We’ll be touring in Germany in autumn.

End Of Green might be underdogs for now and underestimated but you aren’t afraid to stand up for your views and values. To me that is the true definition of Metal. Is this a fair statement?

SAD SIR: I’d even take that one step further: it’s Rock’n’Roll – and of course it sounds corny, to talk about the „Spirit of Rock’n’Roll“ or music. But seriously: Forming a band is all about that. Nobody forms a band to be yelled at and go to bed early (laughs). There’s a certain kind of freedom, that is really worth those long nights, fights and doubts. Whenever I hear bands saying „we can’t do this, our fans would not like it“, I always think that maybe, just maybe, your fans are smarter than you. Maybe they like your band for the right reasons and for what it is. (Laughs) Awfully romantic, isn’t it?

Do you have any words of advice or a message to your fans and readers of this publication?

SAD SIR: Be nice! That’s about it. And please don’t take it personal, that we didn’t make it to the US, yet. I’ve been there once, and it was great … besides almost getting shot by cops that stopped me in traffic. You know, we europeans just walk up to the officers and say „Hey, what’s up!“. I put my hand in my pocket to get out my ID. Got me a massive adrenaline kick as two shouting officers pointed their guns at me and floored me. After we cleared the misunderstanding he said: „Sir, I understand you’re european. But just …don’t.“

In closing I would like to thank you once more for taking the time to answer our questions and we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors

SAD SIR: Thank you for having us, we really appreciate this.

David Maloney/MHF Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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