We had this amazing opportunity to speak to Sami Hinkka the bassist and Vocalist for Ensiferum, No Introduction required for them, they are an amazing Folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland and keeping metalheads happy over the years, let’s hear from the man himself.

Greetings from MHF Magazine, how are you today Sami?

.Thanks my friend, I’m doing great, having a wonderful time here doing a lot of Interviews

How is everything in Finland?

Things are awesome drinking and drinking and enjoying the beautiful weather

Ensiferum means Sword Bearing, how it is connected to the music you make?

We are a band that love myths and folks of our country, so technically it doesn’t have any resemblance to the band, it’s part of the Folklore and we loved to have this name and we love to make music about ancient myths.

Sami you have been with the band since 2004, tell me about your experiences with the band?

I know the guys before I joined the band, so there is a connection and it’s very nice to be part of this band, we are like a family, so it’s all good.

Two paths is scheduled for September 15 release, how do you feel about the outcome?

It’s going to be amazing, I hope everyone would love this one, we have recorded it in analog, so everyone will get an amazing listening experience?

So it’s going to be the original sound just like the 70’s music where everyone gets into the studio and do it together?

Well I would say Kind of like that, but the output is going to sound really amazing, you will see when it is out haha

Since you have recorded to give an analog experience, do you have any plans to release a remastered version sometimes in the future?

Ahh I really don’t know, we might keep it just this way

Seven full length albums, tell us your journey and how do you look into the future of the band?

Seven yes it’s amazing, we are happy to do something that we love and give to the fans and nothing more, this is the music that we love and this is what we wanted to do, so we are headed in the right direction. We are not much worried about the future, we will make music as long as we can.

Folk metal talks about Mysticism, fantasy and myths so is this the way to let know the world of ancient Finnish tradition and folklore to the world?

This is a very interesting topic where we can write a lot of songs and we will never run out of songwriting, and yes in a way the world will know about the ancient mythologies and folklores and we love our history.

Talking about Folk Metal, Ensiferum is an immediate choice for metalheads, so how do you feel about your huge success over the years?

I’m not sure if you are making it up hahaha but thanks man makes me happy, we are not making music for success, this is what we wanted to do, and it gives us satisfaction and happiness, so we are not really worried about any success…but really happy to hear that

Do you have any messages or words of advice for the fans and the readers of this magazine?

Absolutely, We are here because of the fans, We get a lot of support in Helsinki and from all over the world, anywhere we go the fans are overwhelming and makes us do what we do the best. A new album is coming out so check it out and support us. Always remember there are two paths, so choose the right one whichever it is, we will soon see you on tour, drop by and say a word or have a drink.

Thanks Sami for this Interview, It’s a great pleasure to have this experience and a wonderful time with you.

Thanks my friend, thanks for Interviewing us, you have a good day and don’t forget to write me when you are coming for an Ensiferum show, I will get you VIP Access, we will have some drinks at backstage.

Thanks for the offer Sami and will take you up on that offer, many thanks and many Cheers!!!!!

Keith Clements/MHF Magazine

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