Formed in Australia, in 2006 and ever since giving every fucking extreme metal fan just what they asked for… Brutal, angry, frustrated, uncompromising “fuck you we are coming through”-attitude with so far their 3 track demo, 1 split album, 2 EPs and 4 full-length albums, the latest one “Dear Desolation” is set to be released August 18th. Damn, that´s tomorrow, better get some money and fast. Anyway, today is a big day, we all are going to learn more about these guys… The time has come, let’s go !!!

So honored to have this chance to have a moment with you. How are you doing ?

Yeah, I’m doing good man. Had a little jet lag and sinus issues but feeling good coming back to the USA.

I just love to learn some facts from the past. Would you tell me and everyone who’s reading this, the story behind “Thy Art Is Murder” ? How and when did your journey start and how was the metal scene in Australia back in 2006 ?

Yeah, the boys asked me for ages to replace the old singer and I just joined. Metal wasn’t really a thing in Australia at that time. It was all hardcore and I guess that’s why we wanted to do something different.

Personally I think you’ve created a pretty unique sound, definitely not very mainstream, was it a decision well planned or something that just happened ?

Yes and no really. We just wanted to write music that was heavy and what we wanted to hear. We all come from similar backgrounds and just incorporated all sounds we enjoyed to listen to.

A real struggle right from the start to get the attention and get noticed by soon-to-be fans, producers, those guys who seem to know everything (critics) etc… Or was it ? How was the reception after you released your demo “This Hole Isn’t Deep Enough For The Twelve Of You” ?

Yeah, people liked it I guess. I wasn’t in the band for that but I was mates with the band and I saw people liking it.

After Your first EP “Infinite Death” in 2008, a hell of a lot of touring and promoting, you had gained already some success but also had some line-up changes, a little difficulties between strong personalities… What happened during those years before releasing Your debut full-length album “The Adversary” in 2010 ?

Just touring and writing a lot and working as hard as we could.

Listening to your music and lyrical themes makes me actually think… Is there any hope left for mankind, since frustration and anger can literally be heard while playing your albums “Hate” and “Holy War” ?

I really don’t think so. We all know the issues our world and the people that live in it face, but we won’t change as humans are parasites.

Tell us a little about your songwriting, do you work as a team? a well-oiled machine, or is someone(s) in charge? and where do you get the ideas, inspiration and Your lyrical themes?

We write as a team, Sean and Marshy usually write all the music, and lyrics are done mainly by Marshy, me, and our producer Will Putney. We all come up with the concepts and ideas then we map it out. A full team process.

How do you relax and just take it easy and leave this fucked up world behind you every once and awhile… Or do you just eat, drink, shit metal 24/7 while murdering your instruments and kicking everyone’s asses ?

When I’m home I like to spend time with my friends and family just cooking and chilling, other than that I love fishing when I have time but I have three jobs and own a business now so I’m always busy.

Having toured around the world… Where do You find Your most loyal fans, except in Australia ?

To be honest it’s a tie between North America, Canada, and Europe/UK. Our fans are loyal and love us so much and I like to think we give it straight back to them all. It’s overwhelming at times because it seems like a dream but we truly have the sickest fans.

Your latest, 4th full-length album “Dear Desolation” will be released tomorrow… How would you describe it to someone who’s still thinking whether to buy it or not ?

It’s emotional and depressing and it’s the best record we have ever done.

During these years… What have been the most memorable, positive, rewarding moments and maybe some moments no one wants to remember anymore ?

Leaving the band I don’t want to remember, but coming back to my brothers and working hard is the best feeling.

Since I suck in putting bands and music to different “genres”, how would you describe your band and music yourself ?

Metal AF

How does the future look like for Thy Art Is Murder?… The best years are still to come and we (the fans) have seen nothing yet ?

For sure we will continue to grow and slay as hard as we can. The fans have always seen us give our all and we will continue this and keep bringing our fans the best we have.

Any last words (not literally) to people who are reading this, the family of MHF, Your fans and your soon to be fans ?

Thanks for the love.

Santtu Kaskela / MHF Magazine

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