Great American Ghost Interview

By Steven Smith

With you guys being veterans in the hardcore scene, what are the struggles you overcome as a band? 

Honestly there are struggles every single day. Anything that you love doing and is against the norm is going to be a constant struggle. We just try to focus on the good things and making more good things happen. When something sucks we handle it but mostly we just enjoy the things that don’t suck. That’s our plan


With you playing at Vans Warped Tour, have you noticed different type of crowds between a small venue and a larger audience platform? 

The dynamic is definitely a little different but it’s sick! There is something truly special about playing a small room and having every single person there having a good time, being fully engaged. That said there is a lot to be said about playing in front of more people in a bigger scale. The grander scale of bigger venues makes your blood pump just a little different. We want both of those things to be honest. I wouldn’t preferred one over the other. I want it all


 Your song “No Savior” is currently the number one song of yours on Spotify. With about 80,000 plays, does that speak to the band’s influence and the amount of support you have from the fans? 


I hope so! You know, when you’re on the inside looking out, moving along at a gradual pace, it’s not always easy to see how far you’ve come. If I heard when this band first started that one of our songs would have been played 80,000 times ever at all I don’t think I would have believed it. We feel very lucky. We are gonna keep new music coming and hopefully continue to gain as much support as possible


With recording and touring, what are the moments you guys find are the highlight of your career? 

There have been a lot. A ton. Recording at Graphic Nature Studios, being asked to play with Gojira, playing a sold out show at the Downstairs Palladium in our hometown, just to state a few off the top of my head. It’s pretty wild that the highlights keep rolling in. I have a few more we need to get to

 You highly received 2017 album, Hatred Stems from the Seed is still making waves with the hardcore scene, what about that album you think has many fans hooked? 

I’d like to think it’s because we mean it. Everything about that record is real. We put everything we had into Hatred, from the lyrics to the riffs to the drum parts we felt like we left it all out there on that record. If you can relate to that record then you relate to us.


Can we expect more tours and festivals in the future as the band’s reputation continues to grow? 

Oh man. We have some super exciting things coming up. We’ll finally be getting to spots in the US that we have never gotten to. We can’t wait, that stuff will be announced soon, pay attention.


What would you say to say to those who never seen you play before to convince them to come out and see you command the stage? 

In the most humble way, this band is something you need to see.

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