“Hollywood Undead” Interview by Keith Clement

Hi Jorel, Greetings from MHF Magazine, how are you today?

Hey doing well, How are you, at work give me a moment.

Hey I’m ready.

Jorel, Can you tell us about the band and how it started?

Sure, the band started back in 2005 as “Kids” formed by all friends with the same attitude and love. We grew up in Hollywood, California. So the band is all about the things that we went thorough in life as teenagers.

You guys have Interesting Pseudo names and masks, what is the secret behind it?

There really is no Secret, we loved the names and regarding masks it’s really boring to see people with the same face, so we went with the masks which makes us look so cool.

Your 5th album is Scheduled for October 27 release, why did you choose the name 5?

Yes it’s all set and it was good to go, and since it’s the 5th album we decided to go with the name and nothing personal.

How did the recording go, how did you feel about the album in comparison with Day of the Dead?

I really liked this album, we loved the way we have put it out, I bet our fans would really love this one.

What was the concept behind this album?

There is not really any concept, Just life in California.

I had the chance to listen to California Dreaming, and I really loved it man, great song you guys put up?

Thanks so much man, much appreciated.

Do you guys write lyrics on certain things or just anything?

There is no specific thing when it comes to lyrics, we write just about anything.

Any plans on tour since a new album is out?

Yes we have lot lined up for USA as of now, nothing International probably in 2018.

You guys have set up yourself a name in a short span of time, how do you feel about this?

We are just doing what we love nothing more than that

Any message for the fans?

Thanks for your support without you we cannot be here, come visit us after  the show, we will have some good photos and some nice talk




Keith Clement/MHF Magazine


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