“Septicflesh” interview by Andrea Bermudez

First of all thank you for your time.

Thank you too for this opportunity to present Septicflesh to your readers.

This will be the first time that you tour in Latin America, what expectations do you have about this tour?

From Latin America we have visited Mexico in the past and had the chance to witness the love of the crowd for metal music. But of course now it is a really extended through many countries that we didn’t had the chance to visit in the past and we are sure that it will be something very special.

What Uruguayan fans can expect for the show next 17 of october in Montevideo Music Box? Will we find any surprise in the setlist?

It will be a balanced setlist with indicative songs from our discography and also some new songs from our just released album “Codex Omega”.

How could you explain that in a country as small as Greece, in which there is not so much history on the subject of rock so many bands of metal exist?

Yes, although we are a small country, there are so many rock and metal bands. I really don’t know why, but it is really a fact.

Since the time of releasing your debut album until now, how the band has evolved musically speaking?

From the beginning we made clear that we wanted to create something extreme, emotionally powerful, atmospheric and beyond strict musical labels. Throughout our career we have undergone through various experimentations, developing different styles. From some point and on, we decided to dive deeper on our orchestral character, using a real orchestra instead of samplers and synths. And thus the second period of the band started with “Communion”. Now we are on our tenth album, “Codex Omega” that we consider our most balanced and mature work to date. Also it is one of our heaviest releases and the songs have very sharp riffs and the drums are like a tank crashing skulls.

You have taken three years from your last album “Titan” that close an excellent record trilogy. Now you are presenting your last album “Codex Omega”, how has been the reaction of the public and the critics to these new songs?

The reaction is amazing from both the public and the critics.  It was nominated album of the month in many magazines and a lot of people are saying that it is something that is going to be in their top 10 list for 2017. So we are very excited.

For this album you have a new drummer, the Austrian Kerim “ Krimh”Lechner (ex-Decapitated) , what brings to the band this new integration?

Krimh is an amazing drummer and his style is one of the new elements in the new album. He is also a good composer and he contributed some riffs. As this was just the beginning of our collaboration we will have the chance to try more things in the future.

Are there any bands that influence you even to this date?

Yes, we admire bands as Celtic Frost and Morbid Angel and composers as Basil Poledouris and Igor Stravinsky.

If you have to pick one Septicflesh song which song would you pick and why?

“Anubis” is the first song that came to my mind and that says something. It is a classic Septicflesh song and a favorite for a lot of fans.

You will tour with  Fleshgod Apocalypse, how does the union of the bands happen for this tour, and what expectations have you in this sense?

We are brother bands and both we are striving to push the boundaries of Symphonic Death Metal further. So our music is very compatible and it is a very good “package” for the fans of this style.

What advice would you give to anyone that is trying make into the music industry?

Well, things are definitely not easy in our days. So besides talent of course, I suggest hard work, patience and determination.

Could you tell us in three words that describe what music means to you?

Creativity, emotions, power.

That´s all my questions, see you in Montevideo, Uruguay. Last words are yours.

Thank you for your support. Stay heavy!

Andrea Bermudez/MHF Magazine


Senior administrator at Official Metalheads Forever. Writer/Editing Metalheads Forever Magazine


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