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My Epic tune into this moment of reawakening on their fourth full-length offering and Tooth & Nail Records debut Loriella. Balancing waves of warm distorted fuzz with lush melodies and cinematic production, the group make the kind of music that rouses the senses and might just encourage you to open your eyes, mind, and heart a little wider.
“The record is about having lived long enough to lose your innocence and still being able to find joy, hope, peace, and faith,” explains Aaron. “I can be a critical person, but there’s a difference between being critical and cynical. I understand why people end up choosing cynicism, because sometimes it can seem like the best way to make sense of all the data in the world–but I think cynicism is death. It’s part of my aim to fight cynicism at every turn. The album is about discovery and re-engaging life with purpose on new terms of your own.”

It was a great pleasure to have Aaron Stone on the Interview to speak on the new album “Loriella” and much more on My Epic. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.


Late Bloomer
Old Magic
In the Air
Phantom Limb
High Color
Red Hands
Make Believe
Heavy Heart

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