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earthtone9’s name is one rightly hailed by those who know as one of the most forward-thinking, clever, musically wise and creatively smart in the history of British metal. 

Emerging in the late ‘90s as nu-metal was beginning to surge, their more nuanced palette and intelligent approach saw them hailed as something special and excitingly against the grain from the very beginning. Making an album a year between 1998 and 2000 – beginning with their expertly crafted  lo-def(inition) discord debut, and culminating in 2000’s staggering Arc’tan’gent – it was a work rate as intense as the music was uniformly brilliant. 

After splitting in 2002 the band made a surprise return in 2013 with the crowd-funded album, IV. Following this they made only occasional appearances in the live arena (including at the ArcTanGent Festival, which purloined its name from their third album!), before once again seeming to disappear on hiatus. 

Now, 11 years on from their last record, they present In Resonance Nexus, a thrilling work of brains and muscle that not only stokes a fire, but sees the bands core members – vocalist Karl Middleton and guitarists Owen Packard and Joe Roberts – rediscovering and reconnecting with what makes them so special. In Resonance Nexus is the heaviest, fiercest, most heightened record they have ever made. A startling combination of almost feral intensity and the latter day songwriting chops they displayed on the IV album.

It was a great pleasure to have Karl Middleton the frontman of the band to speak on In Resonance Nexus and much more on earthtone9. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.


The Polyphony Of Animals
Navison Record
Under The Snake
Oceanic Drift
Black Swan Roulette
Lash Of The Tongues
Etiquette of Distortion
Observe Your Course
Third Mutuality
Strength Is My Weakness

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The Band

Photo Credit : Andy Ford

Karl Middleton – vocals 
Owen Packard – guitars 
Joe Roberts – guitars 
Neil Kingsbury – bass 
Jay Walsh – drums 

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