APEIRON BOUND deliver their own blend of progressive metal that lyrically delves into the philosophical side of life and the complex nature of the human condition. Formed in the summer of 2018 by composer and guitarist Andrew Stout, Multiplicity sees APEIRON BOUND’s venture emerge into the metal scene with an epic introduction.

Soaring through stunningly crafted soundscapes and brutal metal styles, Multiplicity is a thrilling adventure unafraid to celebrate the light and expose the dark. Unleashing a divergent offering of genre mixing, APEIRON BOUND have their sights set on fashioning a unique take on heavy music.

Multiplicity is to be out on August 26, 2022, and it was a pleasure to have Guitarist and Composer of Apron Bound “Andrew Stout” on an Interview to talk about the upcoming album and much more, Check out the amazing Andrew on the below YouTube video.

Astral Projection
Thought Memory
Melancholic Zen
My Sweet Stockholm
Precocious Tribalism
Emotive Servitude
Absent Familiarity
Chaotic Fervor
Astral Reflection
Era In Finem – Novis Initiis

Music Videos

The Band

Michael Calza – vocals/lyricist
Andrew Stout – composer/guitars
Phillip Colacecchi – guitars 
Kyle Sokol – electric bass & upright bass
Kristopher Huffman – drums/percussion

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Disturbingly Good


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