Interview With Morgan Riley Of North Carolina’s “Blackwater Drowning”

BLACKWATER DROWNING is a five-piece US melodic death metal band from North Carolina. Formed in 2014 by singer Morgan Riley and guitarist Jeremy Bennett, the band is completed by guitarist Ron Dalton Jr., bassist Aria Novi, and drummer Chris Peavy.
Since the band’s inception, BLACKWATER DROWNING has recorded two EPs and supported iconic acts such as SOULFLY, JINJER, OTEP, and LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE. During the challenges of the pandemic, the band wrote and recorded its soon-to-be-released first full-length album at Blackplate Productions in Dunn, NC with Jon Berrier and Garrett Barefoot. Titled ‘Sonder//Satori’, the album consolidates the band’s dynamic and melodic death metal prowess. 

It was my pleasure to have Morgan Riley on the Interview to talk about Sonder//Satori which is to be out on July 8, 2022, Check out the awesome Morgan Riley on the YouTube Video below.

The Filth Element
Mortal Coil
The Caged
Aberrant Leaves

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The Band

Morgan Riley – Vocals
Jeremy Bennett – Guitars
Ron Dalton Jr. – Guitars
Aria Novi – Bass
Chris Peavy – Drums

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