Interview With Belgium’s Demenzia Mortis

Demenzia Mortis is a Belgian black/death metal band formed in 2014 by Asmodeus (bass) and Ax Hell, later joined by Grabak Hellfire (guitar, ex-Nemesis Irae) and Naberus (vocals). The band delivered a first EP entitled Memento Mori in 2018. The quartet finds its inspiration in Scandinavian black metal, combined with some elements of death metal to make a hostile cocktail.

It was my pleasure to speak with the Vocalist Naberus on the band and much more, Check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.


  1. Intro Dies Irae
  2. Codex 666
  3. Antikult
  4. Triste Paysage
  5. Dark Resolution
  6. Exultation Of Pain
  7. Be Your Slave & Be Your Master
  8. Above & Beyond
  9. Outro Tranquility And Silence
  10. My Blood Runs Black
  11. Blood Ritual
  12. Memento Mori

The Band

Naberus – Vocals
Grabak Hellfire – Guitar
Asmodeus – Bass
Ax Hell – Drums