The Brazilian Death Metal Legends “Krisiun” history goes way back to the 90’s formed by brother Alex Camargo, Max Kolesne & Moyses Kolesne. The band has extensively toured in South America, North America and Europe with bands like Unleashed, Belphegor, Imolation, Incantation, Rotting Christ, Nile and Origin to name a few.

On July 29th Krisiun released their 12th Studio album “Mortem Solis” via Century Media Records Worldwide.

It’s with great pleasure and honor I had Max on the Interview to talk the new album and much more, Check out the most amazing Max on the Below YouTube Video.

 Mortem Solis tracklisting:

1. Sworn Enemies

2. Serpent Messiah

3. Swords into Flesh

4. Necronomical

5. Tomb of the Nameless

6. Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)

7. Temple of the Abattoir

8. War Blood Hammer

9. As Angels Burn

10. Worm God

Music Videos

The Band

Alex Camargo (vocals, bass),
Moyses Kolesne (guitars)
Max Kolesne (drums). 

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