Being one of Swedens longest lasting rock bands SATORshould need no introduction. After initially being founded in Borlänge Sweden as SATOR CODEX back in 1981 the band shortened their name and started changing their musical direction to what would become SATOR in 1987. The band has so far released 8 albums and the 9th album “Return Of The Barbie-Q-Killers was out on July 29

With more steady touring and the release of their last album ”Under the Radar” the band has once again established themselves as a strong force in the Scandinavian rock scene.

Chips: “I think our music can best be described as a mash-up of our record collections. Some bits from Little RichardChuck BerryKinksThe BeatlesThe Rolling StonesAC/DCRamonesThe ClashCheap TrickMotörhead…I could go on forever. There’s lots of pieces in this puzzle. Even some more experimental stuff like Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire is part of the story known to the world as SATOR. And there is more to come”

It’s a great pleasure and honor to have Chips on the Interview to talk on Return Of The Barbie-Q-Killers and much more, Check out the awesome Chip on the below YouTube Video.

01_Get Out Of My Way 2:06
02_Shimmy Shake 2:31
03_Brown Eyed Son 2:11
04_Pumps, Purse And A Pillbox Hat 3:02
05_Out Of Time 1:36
06_Mental Case 1:58
07_Hall 1:07
08_Rocket And A Rose 2:29
09_Do The Fast 2:04
10_(I Need) Action 2:42
11_You Dont Seem Real 2:28
12_If I Cant Have What I Want, I Dont Want Anyt… 1:47
13_Vicious Circle 3:10
14_Backstage Pass 2:42
15_Im Bored 2:50
16_How Could You 1:13
17_Go Away Girl 1:28
18_Ga Til Gud 0:48
19_Dog Eat World 2:14
20_In With The Crowd 2:21
21_Supply And Demand 2:19
22_Big Burden 2:54
23_Slam 3:26
24_3 Chord Rock

The Band

Kent Norberg: lead vocals, guitar
Chips Kiesbye: lead vocals, guitar
Hans Gäfvert: keyboards, samples
Heikki Kiviaho: bass, backing vocals
Michael Solén: drums

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