A strong debut demands a strong follow-up. The pop/rock sextet BOYS FROM HEAVEN have now released their sophomore album, “The Descendant”. 

The group, though still faithful to the 80’s AOR universe, have found greater inspiration in a more atmospheric sound, where dreamy pads, punchy synthesizers and drum machines are blended with the band’s organic and authentic sound. 

On “The Descendant”, Boys From Heaven present the sonic equivalent of cruising back to the future, straight to the arcade hall, on to the drive-in cinema, and back home to mend a broken heart. 

It was a great pleasure to have Chris Catton on the Interview to talk on The Descendant and much more from the band, Check out the complete Interview on the below YouTube video.

“The Descendant” tracklist:

1. Sailing On
2. Make It Right
3. Sarah
4. Endless Love
5. Last Time
6. Circles
7. The Dream Is Gone
8. Too Far Gone

Music Videos

The Band

Mads Noyé – keyboards
Mads Schaumann – guitar, vocals
Søren Viig Mathiesen – drums
Chris Catton – lead vocals
Jonas Klintström Larsen – saxophone
Morten Bille – bass

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