FALLEN ARISE Recording New Full-Length Album

FALLEN ARISE Recording New Full-Length Album, New Studio Update Video Available!

Athens based Symphonic Metallers FALLEN ARISE are currently in the studio recording their new full-length album. The band has issued a new studio update video, check it out below.

The band shared:
“Goodmorning friends! This is a new short video where Gus and Spyros give a sample of the making of our next album. The album is in the composition phase, we are collecting the music themes we have written and making them into songs. This album will be a collective work from all the band members who are already working hard on it.”

Watch the new studio update video at https://www.facebook.com/fallenarise/videos/226404560285134

Earlier this year, Gus Dibelas, keyboard player, checked in from the studio:
“Hello everyone! We are really proud to share with you that we have already started the creation of our next album! We look forward to its development and of course to see you on the road in 2023! Many thanks to Lizard Sound Studios and Dimitris Karpouzas for the hospitality!”

In case you missed, watch the promo video at https://www.facebook.com/fallenarise/videos/923482439022949

FALLEN ARISE released their latest effort “Enigma” in 2020, get your copy at https://smarturl.it/enigmafallenarise

Listen more to FALLEN ARISE’s music at https://open.spotify.com/artist/5rx1k6B3Q15kCImdfccZ8o

FALLEN ARISE were formed in 2009, combining a theatrical atmosphere with a progressive approach and a heavy-metal-alike heaviness. So far, FALLEN ARISE have toured across Europe and Russia with established acts including: Nightwish, Fates Warning, Paradise Lost, Destruction, Sepultura, Skindred, Moonspell, Serenity, Leave’s Eyes, Xandria, Katatonia, Pain of Salvation and Insah.

Watch the videos:
From “Enigma” (Roar 2020)
‘Embers’ Official video – https://youtu.be/Bdn7DbvcGc0
‘Reborn’ Official Video – https://youtu.be/ecXbypIMGec
‘Enigma’ Lyric Video – https://youtu.be/fTaWaGbNAcg
‘Forever Winter’ Lyric Video – https://youtu.be/R6jjJzcpcLs

Form “Adeline” (Roar 2015)
‘White Crystal Angel’ Official Video – https://youtu.be/6npIAHxgvsM
‘My Last Breath’ Lyric Video – https://youtu.be/kG-oPrVoX9Y
‘The Curse Of Adeline’ Lyric Video – https://youtu.be/lh5dNhlDX8Y

From “Ethereal” (NoiseHead 2013)
‘Eternity’ Official Video – https://youtu.be/3V3r0BPJl8A

Fiona Creaby – vocals
Vlasis K. – vocals
Gus Dibelas – keyboards
MariosK – drums
Spyros Vasilakis – guitar
Jason Ioakeim – bass

More information at:
BAND: https://www.fallenariseofficial.com | https://www.facebook.com/fallenarise | https://open.spotify.com/artist/5rx1k6B3Q15kCImdfccZ8o
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/SplitScreenManagement | http://www.splitscreenproduction.com
LABEL: https://roar.gr