Photo Credit : Henna Kallinen

Finnish Hard Rockers “Gentle Savage” released their new single “Fuel My Fire” on March 27th, 2024. It was a pleasure to have the boys on the Interview to speak on the new works and the new single.

Something gentle, something savage.

Gentle Savage crafts their unique melodic hard rock from a combination of prog andmetal, while adding the occasional pop flavors. The Finnish band puts composition first in their work, which continues in the lineage of classic hard rock and heavy metal legends. Their style is richly dark and complex, yet while exploring heavy themes, the band still manages to offer glimpses of light amidst the darkness.

Playing with contrasts is another recognizable element of the band’s compositions, blending the gentleness and rawness of rock, making the compositions uniquely Gentle Savage. The band came together driven by a desire to make authentic and dynamic hard rock for both old-school rockers and new fans alike. Transforming into a powerhouse band with original tracks is something the band considers its greatest achievement so far. Gentle Savage is first and foremost a versatile live band capable of refining its sound to any crowd or occasion. They have played some epic gigs, like the Kuopio Rock Fest in 2016, after releasing their debut EP, “Introduction”. In 2021, they released their debut album “Midnight Waylay”, which received international critical acclaim in industry magazines both in Germany and Brazil.

Currently, Gentle Savage is making new tracks for their upcoming album, set to be released in 2025.

Check out the complete Interview with Gentle Savage On the below YouTube Video.

Artwork By Vin Valentino

The Band

Photo Credit : Henna Kallinen

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