Unrelenting Ferocity, a one-man death metal project from Missouri, USA, is set to make a powerful debut with their 7-track EP, “Thrown to the Wolves”. Featuring striking artwork by Den Yudi Art and created on a minimal budget with just a guitar, bass, and a drum MIDI program, this project delivers an intense and innovative metal experience.

EP Highlights:

  • Track 1: The Aftermath of a Disaster – An atmospheric opener built entirely off of the sound library “Ghost in the Machine” by Zero-G, setting the stage with an obligatory ambient piece.
  • Track 2: Mental Anguish From Asphyxiation – Kicks off the real metal work of the album with relentless speed, constantly changing time signatures and refusing to stay in 4/4 for longer than two bars, even during the breakdowns.
  • Track 3: Third Time’s the Charm – Continues the pummeling speeds for the first half, then transitions into a hardcore slam fest, culminating in a surprising twist at the end.
  • Track 4: Thrown to the Wolves – The title track offers a melodic respite, focusing less on speed and more on melody, showcasing Unrelenting Ferocity’s unique songwriting.
  • Track 5: The Book of Coming Forth by Day – Features a quirky keyboard intro and reintroduces high-speed brutality with a powerful mid-song breakdown.
  • Track 6: A Rabid Prowl – A revamped version of a previous demo track, enhanced with a jazzy bassline, tritone slams, and a fresh guitar solo.
  • Track 7: Dispiriting Befuddlement – The EP’s most accessible track, blending melody with a heavy, rewarding riff towards the end.

Additionally, the EP includes the first three tracks from the “A Sign of Things to Come” demo, available for free download on the band’s Bandcamp page.

“Thrown to the Wolves” is a promising start for this one-man project, delivering odd time signatures, brutal breakdowns, slams, and even a Popeye the Sailor sample. Unrelenting Ferocity invites you to dive into this bold debut and experience the raw power of “Thrown to the Wolves.”

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