THE THREE SUM have already been stirring up the domestic Swiss Rock scene for a few years and are now releasing their new EP “Kingdom Fall” on 12/02/2022 via Dr. Music Records. With wacky little horror stories and a dystopian mix of Punk Rock and Metal, they continue their foray in a scary road cruiser on the dusty asphalt of the international Rock ’n’ Roll highway. The sinister mood with just the right pinch of hot rod flair was musically perfected in the studio by producer Mack Schildknecht (China, Second Reign, All To Get Her). Then Grammy-nominated New York mastering specialist Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering (The Devil Wears Prada, New Found Glory, A Day To Remember) put the finishing touches on the record. Inspired by the never-ending trouble in the world, the music and lyrics of some songs take on almost political overtones, something that hasn’t been seen before in THE THREE SUM Rock ’n’ Roll universe.

December 2 The Three Sum Drop their EP “Kingdom Fall” and Flavio, The Bassist & Vocalist took the time to talk on the EP, Let’ s hear from Flavio on the EP and much more on the below YouTube video.

Tracklist “Kingdom Fall”:
1. Long Live The King
2. Fade To Black
3. Coming After You
4. Your Worst Lullaby
5. Kingdom Fall

Music Videos

The Band

Flavio Lamberti: Vocals, Bass
Pascal Artho: Guitar
Harry Müller: Drums

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