Star Crystal is a glam/heavy metal band formed in Ukraine in 2012 by Susanna Radimovskaya.

The next who joined the band was Alex(Guitar) and Elijah(Keyboards) and after some time and auditions of musicians joined Eugene(bass). Then they had different drummers, but last, and we hope the final, who joined us was Max(drums). He became our brother in May 2021

The band released 2 albums: “Follow me” and “Revival of Glam”, one single “Come On Baby” and 7 videos.

It was my pleasure to have the entire band for an Interview to talk about the music and much. more, Check out these amazing guys on an Interview on the YouTube video below

Music Videos

The Band

Susanna Radimovskaya – Vocals
Alex – Guitar
Elijah – Keyboards
Eugene – Bass
Max – Drums

Star Crystal On Socials


Disturbingly Good


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