Interview With Injury

By Keith Clement

Hello guys, I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m happy to have this interview with you guys, how’s everything on your side of the world?

Hi Keith, it’s’ a honor for us to reply to your interview.

In this part of the globe everybody seems in a good mood…maybe cause Christmas is coming eheheh


Tell us about your EP “Wreckage” how did it all worked out, and how do you feel about the EP in its entirety?

Wreckage is a tribute to our former guitarist who passed away 2 years ago, he wrote everything and we wanted to record what he leave to us.

We are satisfied with the result and this EP, and i think he can be proud of us


You have released demos and EP, what is the next plan, do you guys plan to release a full length album in 2019 or the coming year?

We already writing new material and for sure next release will be a LP…don’t know if we can release it before end of 2019 but will be in the beginning of 2020


 Injury may be new for some people around the world, can you tell for the people who are yet to find about the band?


on internet you have to search “injuryviolence” and you’ll find all our social pages and, if you are searching some modern-thrash metal, then you will find us!!


 You have performed alongside some of the biggest bands in the metal scene, can you tell us your experience on that?

when you play with this big bands and you meet them personally, you always feel like a child that is looking his hero, and when you talk with them and you feel that are incredibly easy persons, is like a dream come true….and is also good to play with this professional people, cause you can take some advice for grow up in a music business


 How is the band progressing since its inception in 2008? And how do you look into the future?

I think thru the years, we always worked for have fun together and do music that we liked. after many changing of line up, i think we find the right balance to think about the future and it will be full of metal!!


 How is the feedback from the fans about the band overall, and how do you plan to reach out the world where injury is yet to set its name?

we get a good feedback from the people about Wreckage and this is a good vibration to carry on.

For getting bigger date base, the social network are important but we think, play live is the most important…we are a rock n roll band not a f…… youtuber!!!



Thanks very much for your time, It’s really a pleasure to have you guys, I Wish you all the best in the coming days, do you like to share a few words for the fans and readers?

Thank you for this possibility and we want say to everybody: go to the concerts and support your local scene, you will find always some new good band over there!!!!


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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