Interview With Run Chicken Run

By Keith Clement

Hello guys, I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how’s it going?

-Hi Keith! Everything is working really fine. Very good shows and a great feeling with the public.

Our ears are pretty corked but, it’s alright!


Earlier in October “Don’t forget the Wine” was out, how is the overall reception about this album, and how do you feel about the outcome?

-The reactions to “Don’t forget the Wine” were all extremely positive, the album liked to critics and very much to the audience who listened to it live.

We’re really happy about that! We’ve been working really hard, specially  this year,  and it’s a real pleasure to see how people positively react to the album.

We’ve also seen our songs in some different Spotify playlists, so it’s fine!

The band’s name ”Run Chicken Run” how did it come out? Can you let me know on how you come with the name?

-The band’s name comes from the meeting of the two guitarists in the workplace. Both work in a chicken factory and the day when we chose the name, a chicken managed to escape from the factory chain and survived until the next day, there for an average life of 48 days is an important result. From this episode the name run chicken run was born, do everything possible to survive the best and live free.

The band was started in 2014, in the last 4 years how successful do you feel you have become?

-For the first three years we managed to build a fan base in our area, in the last year thanks to the entrance in Brothel of Sound first and Soundsrock agency then we found an important label like Volcano Records and we had the possibility to be special guests for important groups both nationals and internationals as, in addition to Phil Rudd that unfortunately skipped, even Oliver Dawson Saxon , Thomas Silver and Diamond Head among others.

Every time we have to learn something new, and it’s awesome to see professional musicians so closely.

 “Run Chicken Run” might be new for a lot of people around the world, would you like to tell them about the band briefly?

-We are from the center of Italy we play hard rock and somebody says also hard blues, we really like to play live and that’s what we love to do most. Every time we have fun like it was the first. We love feel the energy from people whose listening to us. We also love play guitars with them, even drink with them J.

We have two albums out, “Open The Grill” and “Don’t Forget The Wine”. We are starting now working on the third.


How does it feel to work with Volcano Records/Alpha Omega Management?

-Volcano Records is a very valid label and working with them means entering the professional world led by very competent people. They’re always helpful and ready to solve unexpected situations!

You have a plan to be a special guest on Phil Rudd’s band, but due to immigration issues, that didn’t happen, It should be a bit hard for you guys, any plans to make this happen in the near future?

-Yes, lose the opportunity to play before Phil Rudd was a big blow, but we are careful and we set our agency in motion so that we can support him again.

Thanks very much for your time with us, do you like to have a few words for fans and readers?

-Thank you very much to all the fans, keep following us because It is thanks to you that we find the strength to face all the problems that are always there, we want to thank all the readers who have come to read this interview until the end, if you are interested and intrigued go and listen to our pieces and to see our videos on Youtube and Facebook, but especially come to our live shows as soon as you can, we assure you that it’s worth it. We are waiting for you all!

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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