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 This Year they released their second album “Millennial Holocaust” unleashing a new wave of their Caribbean brutality upon the world. They are made of satire, Death/Groove/Djent, dark comedy, determination, professionalism and passion.

We had a chat with them to find out whether they would rather be transported 500 years into the past or future and if they would rather kill me or not. If I won’t make it alive, make sure you donate my band tees to the metal community in need.


Hello Lynchpin! Thank you for taking the time to talk to MHF.

Are you ready to get immersed into deep thoughts and hypothetical scenarios?

Let’s go!

Would you rather be locked in a room with very bad music for a week or in a room that is completely silent for a week?

Maybe silent… it would allow us to think and maybe cultivate more sounds that are not based on something we heard. Something new and original. I think we should think about doing locking up for a week lol

Think of the music eras: would you rather be transported permanently 500 years into the future or 500 years into the past?

Hmmm…. It would be easy to say the past… so much great music and icons. 500 years though in the past is the year 1518. I am unsure that our musical genre really was captured as yet lol. 500 years into the future sounds very plausible. New styles and sounds… the future can hold so many possibilities! LYNCHPiN would be retro!

You identify as “A band, an attitude”. Would you rather be able to keep the attitude but no longer be in a band or lose the attitude and keep the band?

We are all friends before and after the band. Our attitude comes from being a part of this together! So they co-exist… mutually!

Would you rather explain to us what “Millennial Holocaust” is all about or let us figure it out ourselves?

I am assuming we are speaking about the album as a whole. When we look at what happened in history, the Holocaust was an attempt to end societies and the world as we know it. We see that also from our current generation, a yearn to marginalize and categorize humans and cultures. We have entered the PC (politically correct) era, what we say can offend… so we say the right things but harbor negatives. Instead of just killing other humans based on their differences (culture/ religion/ race/ sexual orientation), we as humans have begun to divide ourselves by our differences… social media has become an outlet for pushing propaganda and at the same time directing our anger and hatred at one another… while at the same time being safe from the eyes of society. Protected by the keyboard.

The Millennial Holocaust is not only where we kill each other physically… it is where we kill each other mentally and spiritually… and show it for all to see, anonymously.

Would you rather forever lose your Primal Instincts in exchange for Three Nights of Debauchery exactly the way you want them?

I think our Primal Instincts is what we have to have in the end… our need to survive!

Would you rather live in a grave of a thousand unknown scenarios dealing with the element of fear or have everything planned out but lack the element of surprise forever?

Well, the grave of a thousand unknown is a real place… it is in Dachau, Germany. We do not think that anyone really wanted to be there. We would prefer lacking the element of surprise and planning everything. At least we would live on… maybe finally plan another tour lol

Would you rather get filthy rich and famous doing solo careers or have a mediocre success as a band?

As a band, we have our success and no LYNCHPiN show is mediocre lol. Being as a band is what got us on your magazine… so it seems to be doing well…

Would you rather shoot me for asking the previous question or let me be so that I can do the same to more bands?

We would let you be so you can do a great review on our new album!!

Thank you I appreciate that I guess I’ll keep my band tees, the metal community will have to wait another day.  <3

One question for you:

Would you like a copy of our new album… or do you want to listen to the singles as they come out?

You let me live and I get a copy of the new album? Wow, you are being extra generous today! I’ll take the copy please, and cherish it forever. Hugs to you all! Speak soon!

Until then,


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Thank you for all your time and be sure that your readers pick up Millennial Holocaust from LYNCHPiN!!

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