Horns pierce a red skull as glowing blue eyes stare ahead. “Grym Synner” presides over a carnival of arena-size heavy metal, nocturnal industrial, lust-y lyrical oddities, and head-nodding hooks known as Psycho Synner. By day, the ringmaster masquerades as Jeremy Spencer—a co-founder and former drummer of multiplatinum hard rock juggernaut Five Finger Death Punch and New York Times-bestselling author. When the lights go down, “Grym Synner” comes out. Carrying on a tradition of highwire escapism through rock ‘n’ roll, the crimson marauder unlocks another dimension altogether on the band’s 2021 multi album independent debut.

“This is a whole experience,” says Spencer. “It’s a combination of visuals and music. I missed the theatricality of bands like KISS, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson. I wanted to bring in those heavy elements with a sexually charged energy.”

Spencer is just the man to shock this vision to life. He spent over a decade recording and touring the world with Five Finger Death Punch, anchoring the band from the drum throne. Along the way, he also authored his memoir 
In the end, Psycho Synner gives rock music the villain it yearns for in 2021 and beyond.

It was my pleasure to have Jeremy on the Interview, An amazing guy, check out the complete coverage on the YouTube video below.

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