Interview With Joe Nally Of England’s Metallers “URNE”

There are times in life when it feels like darkness will consume the light.
Suffering. Loss. The emptiness that follows. An upended hourglass trickling inexorably into the cold shadow of the great hereafter, devouring not only those closest to us, but all the decades of knowledge and memories they held dear. At a distance, we can steel ourselves against the grim inevitabilities of disease, dementia and deterioration in old age, but when more intimately faced with their impact, it becomes easy to imagine some hidden demon gorging on the misery wrought.

It was in circumstances such as these that Joe Nally began work on Urne’s savage second album A Feast On Sorrow. “There were a lot of dark times,” the frontman sighs, reflecting on two family members afflicted by degenerative illness. “Losing people is a horrible thing; when the reality hits, it shocks you. I was full of pent-up emotion – anger, confusion – and I could only seem to release that through aggression. That’s meant this record is much more aggressive. It’s a lot darker. There were quite a few ‘fun’ elements to our first LP Serpent & Spirit. There aren’t many of those here.”
Indeed, that staggering, shapeshifting 2021 debut was the product of a lifetime of inspiration and ideas collected by Joe and mercurial guitarist Angus Neyra, drawing on riffs originally written for renowned stoner-rock collective Hang The Bastard and cutting prog-metal project Chapters, while songs like Desolate Heart were more than a decade in the making. By comparison, A Feast On Sorrow was the product of two years’ intensive writing and recording. Having narrowed focus and welcomed master drummer James Cook into the fold, it became about embracing the challenge and opportunity of delivering a definitive statement on the band these three are destined to be.

It was a pleasure to have Joe Nally about the album “A Feast On Sorrow” which was out on August 11 to talk on the epic second album by URNE and much more behind it. The complete coverage can be found on the below YouTube video.


The Flood Came Rushing In
To Die Twice
A Stumble of Words
The Burden
Becoming the Ocean
A Feast on Sorrow
The Long Goodbye, Where Do the Memories Go?

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Angus Neyra – lead guitar
Joe Nally – bass & vocals
James Cook – drums

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