TC Kross: Unleashing Raw Power through Rock and Metal

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Long Island, TC Kross stands tall as a dynamic force in the realms of metal and hard rock. A triple threat as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, TC commands attention with her magnetic stage presence and a vocal prowess that ignites a surge of energy through the veins of her audience.

Her music is a seismic fusion of heavy rock and metal, characterized by bone-crushing riffs, thunderous beats, and melodies that hook into your psyche, causing heads to bob involuntarily. What sets TC Kross apart is her knack for infusing her music with relatable, authentic lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners, forging a bond that transcends mere entertainment.

TC’s musical journey has been one of relentless dedication and unwavering passion. With CDs unleashed worldwide and extensive tours under her belt, she has left an indelible mark on the global rock circuit. Her commitment to her craft is boundless, fueled by an unyielding determination to create, innovate, and share her artistry with the world.

As a performer, TC Kross is a force of nature, channeling her passion into every chord she strikes and every note she sings. Her live shows are a visceral experience, where the boundaries between artist and audience blur, creating an electric atmosphere where the music becomes a shared catharsis.

Beyond the searing guitar solos and thundering rhythms lies a soulful artist driven by an insatiable hunger to create music that resonates. TC Kross remains a beacon of raw power and genuine artistry in the world of rock and metal, her spirit unyielding and her determination boundless as she continues to carve her name deeper into the archives of music history.

It was a great pleasure to have TC Kross and the amazing Fader, a long time friend of Metalheads Forever Magazine to talk on the Holiday Single and the upcoming album of 2024. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

Check Out “Holiday” Video below


Disturbingly Good


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