Photos by Ester Segarra

Hailing from the Swedish hinterlands of Dalarna and Halifax, West Yorkshire, HELGA came together in 2019. United by singer Helga Gabriel, the quintet delve into a musical alchemy while pursuing darker manifestations.

HELGA’s debut album was out on, November 24.

“‘Wrapped in Mist’ is the most collaborative HELGA record to date and marks a new chapter for us”, the band says. “It’s the first album with this lineup and is a product of each of our personalities and influences. We hope you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed the journey of creating it!”  

It was my great pleasure to have Helga Gabriel and Cai Sumption on the Interview to talk on the debut album “Wrapped In Mist” and much more, check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.


1. Skogen mumlar (4:23) [WATCH]
2. Burden (4:57) [WATCH]
3. Water (3:55)
4. If Death Comes Now (3:58)
5. Farväl (4:34)
6. Alive Again (3:35) [WATCH]
7. Vast and Wild (4:04)
8. Som en trumma (4:26)
9. Mountain Song (5:34)
10. Wrapped in Mist (6:41)
Total runtime: 44:07

Music Videos

The Band

Helga Gabriel – Vocals
Cai Sumption – Guitar
Cameron Gledhill – Guitar
Ryan Fairclough – Bass
Sami Javed – Drums

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Photos by Ester Segarra


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