Toronto hard rockers XEPHYR have announced details for their fourth studio album No Signal. Bursting with guitar-driven tracks the album lyrically delves into the undertaking of new journeys, continuing in the face of adversity and overcoming personal struggles. No Signal is a massive step forward for the band following their 2019 offering Iron Wine in terms of production, performance and songwriting. No Signal will be unleashed on January 12th, 2024.

XEPHYR was started by singer and guitarist Lionel Greson in 2010. Between 2010 and 2015, the band underwent several incarnations, and two albums were released between then: Shed (2010) and Vicious Instinct (2014). 2016 saw bassist Jacob Stellato and lead guitarist Zakk Scott join the line-up going on to release the band’s third album Iron Wine (2019) with Mark Wakeham on drums.

Scott would temporarily leave in 2019, putting the band in a trio incarnation. Wakeham left the band in 2019, and was replaced by current drummer Alex Stojanovic, and XEPHYR played shows throughout 2019 in support of Iron Wine as a trio before officially becoming a quartet again in 2021 when Scott returned to the band. His return solidified the band’s current line-up and they turned their efforts to creating No Signal. Over the years, XEPHYR have had the opportunity to open for international touring acts, such as DIE MANNEQUIN, SUMO CYCO, LUTHARO and 96 BITTER BEINGS.

It was a great pleasure to have the band on the Interview to speak on the upcoming album “No Signal” and much behind the scenes, Check out these awesome guys on the below YouTube video with Metalheads Forever Magazine.

Track Listing: 

  1. Shot In The Head    
  2. Remember    
  3. Wanted You To Know    
  4. I’m Here For Blood    
  5. Figured You Out    
  6. Wrench    
  7. The Disparation    
  8. Realignment    
  9. Morning Sun-Callahan    
  10. Goodbye To Love    
  11. Pulse    
  12. Worlds Go Dark    
  13. Insane    
  14. Back For Good

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The Band

Lionel Greson – Vocals & rhythm guitars
Jacob Stellato – Vocals & bass
Alex Stojanovic – Drums
Zakk Scott – Lead guitars & screaming vocals

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