Louis Tentsos, Jason Bradfield, and Marco Vani formed Diamond Weapon in late 2016 after finding each other via Kijiji and Craigslist and quickly bonding over their love of punk, post-hardcore and playing music. Jason recruited childhood friend Stephen Maclean to join the band on guitars and dirty vocals in late 2021 to complete the lineup as it is today. The bond has remained so strong that here we are, approaching a decade later, still reaping the sonic benefits of their musical kinship.

After releasing their first demos in 2017, the band rose up quickly, headlining a sold-out show at the Monarch Tavern and opening for Canadian Icon Danko Jones at the Bovine Sex Club during Canadian Music Week. By 2018 they had released their first full-length album “All I Wanted Was The Other Side” and opened for one of their favourite bands, Eyes Set To Kill, on their Canadian tour dates. 

Diamond Weapon has had an exciting lead-up to the release of their latest full-length, “All Heart, No Sleeve,” seeing terrific global press support and have just started their cross-Ontario tour in support of the release!

It was a great pleasure to have Louis Tentsos on the Interview to talk on the new album, “All Heart, No Sleeve” which was out on November 10 and much behind the band. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

1.Heaven in the Cold Clouds
2.A Harsh Lesson in Vulnerability
3.There Were, In Fact, Some Frills
6.Who Survives the End of the World?
7.Only the Cowards
8.Science Fiction at the Edge of Existence

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