PYRE FYRE are by no doubt a whimsical bunch who have produced a blast of a double single.”Rinky Dink City” / “Slow Cookin'” brings the utterly loud and heavy fuzz straight out of sludge with their own witty twist.

“Rinky Dink City / Slow Cookin'” is the new offering from the New Jersey based power trio PYRE FYRE. Initially forming over a love of lo-fi aesthetics, early 1980s hardcore, classic psychedelia, B movies, heavy metal, and outsider art, PYRE FYRE strive to experiment with each release.

It was my pleasure to have Andy for an Interview, The music speaks it all, check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.

  1. Rinky Dink City
  2. Slow Cookin’

The Band

Mike Montemarano on drums/vocals
Dan Kirwan on guitar
Andrew Stanish on bass.

Pyrefyre On Socials



Disturbingly Good


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