Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Editorial Head, how are you doing today?

Band: “Hi Keith, we’re doing great! Thanks for inviting us.”

Last year you released your debut EP “Antropocene”. Can you share a few words about the EP and the process behind it?

Alfredo: “We had a lot of fun recording Antropocene actually. There was much creativity involved in the process, both for composing the songs and production-wise. We felt like throwing in various ideas and stuff, because we see our music as a creative process and not as a product. As for the lyrics, we decided to use a term that is still relatively unknown to most, that is “Antropocene” [“Anthropocene” in English], as a metaphor to talk about problems of the society and the modern individual. And of course, we are grateful for the great job done by the team behind this record. We thank them one by one, from our producer to the label and artworks designers.

Can you tell me how it all started for Noram?

Marco: “The band was born in Naples in October 2018. It all started randomly:
I met Alfredo [Lead Guitarist] at a party, we had a conversation about music and various related topics and we immediately decided to start a new project. That was fantastic, really out of the blue.
Later we placed an ad, looking for a guitarist and a bass player. And that’s how Francesco Varriale [ex-Rhythm Guitarist of the band] joined us. Francesco recorded with us our demo tapes and played with us in our first live concert, but afterwards he was replaced with Miriano Marra, who recorded the EP Antropocene with us. Then, Alfredo brought his old friend Victor Rodriguez [Singer] in the band. This was the moment when things started to change: in fact, at the beginning we had some covers and we were planning to write songs in English, but Victor strongly wanted to use our mother language to express his thoughts and words. Thanks God we agreed on that.
Eventually, in September 2019 we found Bruno Di Lillo [Bassist] and pretty much the original line up was born.”

Lyrically I can’t talk much as I don’t speak Italian but musically you guys are amazing and this EP must be well appreciated, can you tell me how as a band you feel about it?

Alfredo: “Actually our lyrics are also available in different languages on MusicxMatch. I think there are translations in English, Spanish and Russian so far, but we are planning to add some more. It’s always cool when you can communicate with different people and audiences.”

Victor: “Honestly speaking, I thought that we would have never broken through the boundary of our city, Naples, due to our choice to write song lyrics in Italian. But the fact that we’ve been able to reach all this people around the world is amazing.”

What would be the next plans for the band?

 Alfredo: “Now that we’ve added Pasquale, we’re taking it to the next level! [Laughs]”

Marco: “And for our first LP we’re actually taking composition to the next level, because we want to add more flavours from extreme metal and hardcore to our sound. So I don’t know if it will be better, but it will be definitely a tougher one.”

I have seen you guys are not just about making music but you want to deliver a message to the fans and listeners no matter how little it may be, why did you feel there is a necessity for the message?

Victor: “We live in a strange society where almost every media tries to collect views in a sensationalistic way. We spend most of our time looking at a screen and there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just the way of living this age, but sometimes we tend to forget about the problems that really afflict this world. In a society where people give great importance to famous individuals who found their fortune in the web, we think that is these individuals’ responsibility to raise awareness about the crucial matters of our era. We just try to make a step in this direction.”

Yes I do agree, we the people have looted and destroyed our planet earth, and climate change is all real, everyone is talking about it, but what can we do to save it, that would be the million dollar question, so what as a band you would like to say, and how we can all gather up and do something to make a change?

Alfredo: “As a band we can express our thoughts and feelings through our music, creating a connection with people who relate to it. That’s the cool thing about music. As for making a change, I think we should start caring more about little things in our everyday life.”

Finally do you have something to say to the readers and fans around the world?

Victor: “Hold on, clench your teeth, this is a dreadful period for everyone but it will end and we will go back to our normal lives, and when this will happen why don’t you come spending your holiday in Italy, maybe to go to a Noram live.”


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