Interview With Perpetual Fire

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the editorial Head, how are you today?

Hi Keith, I’m Steve Volta, guitarist of Perpetual Fire. All good here, thanks! Today I’m very happy because we are preparing a new song that will be out for the twentieth anniversary of the band!

We are so excited as it’s the first song since 2019, when we recorded our latest album. 

23rd April you released your 4th album “ Virtual Eyes” can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?

Usually I start improvising some riffs until I find something interesting, then I start recording that riff and try to go ahead and develop the song. I use Cubase and, while recording the guitar, I also develop a provisional drum line in order to develop a basic arrangement. After that, I add a bass line to complete the arrangement. 

As for the vocal melody sometimes I compose it or pass the demo to our singer Roby Beccalli and he puts his own ways and personalize it. 

When the demo is ready we start rehearsing with the band and everyone brings their own ideas to the arrangement.

Regarding the production we did everything in my studio, more or less in the old way: first the drums, then bass, guitars, keyboards, lead vocals and backing vocals. After the first mix in 2019, we were stopped by the pandemic, so we thought of retouching something in the mix and in the master, this allowed us to get to a result that fully satisfied us and gave the album a rather particular sound.

Was there any particular concept behind the album?

I would say no, but for sure there are recurring themes, for example the love for music and the desire to hold on despite the difficulties, or my vision – often dystopian – of the future.

A great cover art went behind the album, would you like to tell me about the album cover art?

The idea of the cover refers to the title of the album with this eye that breaks through the wall of the bedroom of this young guitarist. It’s like a challenge between good and evil where the eye represents what evil can be done by technology used in a negative way. 

However, I love technology if used in the right way, the problem is to understand what is the right way! Honestly, I think it’s very difficult to define the real boundaries.

In the drawing, created by the Argentinian artist Rodrigo Gudina, there are several references to the 80s, that is the musical period that most influenced us.

10 amazing songs, the power, the energy with great vocals, a brilliant record, how as a band do you feel about the outcome?

We are very excited about this new album, it is opening new doors for us and giving us confidence for the future. From many points of view I think it’s Perpetual Fire’s most convincing album.

I think that when you listen to a band album you have to get in tune with the songs and often it is not easy to ‘fall in love’ with new music but I hope that, thanks to the power of our melodies and our arrangements, this process is easier to achieve!

How are the touring plans for the band?

This is the dark side… As you can imagine, it is not easy to find concerts for an underground band like us, also because of the various personal commitments of each member. However, something is moving in a positive direction. Let’s start with the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the band: on November 25th we will play at The Old Jesse in Saronno (VA) Italy. In the coming weeks we will announce new shows. We are also aiming to some concerts outside Italy, let’s see what happens!

What are some of the upcoming plans for the band?

Playing live, recording, playing live, recording… and… Ah, right!

Do interviews! 🙂

Seriously… WE WANT TO PLAY OUR MUSIC! Rehearsing, recording, getting on stage is all we want to do!

How has the musical journey been for the band?

it was a great trip! Not always positive, I must admit, sometimes I thought that maybe it was not worth it or there was no willingness to move forward but we are still here after twenty years and this is already a good result! We could have done more and we know it, but this gives us even more desire to make new music and many concerts!

What would be some of the greatest moments for the band?

Definitely the two release parties of the last two albums. It was great to return to the stage after all the effort made to record, and in both situations the audience welcomed us with great enthusiasm and passion!

How as a band do you look into the future?

In a positive way, especially now that we have found the right team. In fact, it’s thanks to our new label Wanikiya Record by Mr.Jack that we are achieving results never achieved with previous albums. Thank you Mr.Jack you are our Doc McGhee! Hahaha

Any big dreams?

Do a real tour, with nightliners, a lot of miles to go, a lot of concerts in front of a lot of people! Yes, this is our dream!

What would be the message for the fans?

I would like to thank those who take the time to listen to our music and come and see us live. You are the fuel for our engine! Thank you for reading this interview and continue to follow us as I am sure that  future will bring us some great surprises!