Interview With Phoenix Van Der Weyden

By Keith Clement


Hi Phoenix Van Der Weyden, This is Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine,  how are you?

Hi, Keith ! I´m doing very well . It´s a pleasure to be doing interview for Metalheads Forever Magazine .


On September 24th you are planning to release your album “Defying Destiny” can you tell us something about this upcoming release?

“Defying Destiny” will be my debut album , it´s a combination of feelings , inspirations and events that happened in my life during my endless guitar journey . I wanted to achieve what my influences did with their debuts and i’m happy that i’ll be able to release something that feels that it´s true to me .


Can you tell us how it all started for you?

I started posting cover videos on YT and i´m very grateful that I had a good response and developed a loyal fan base by doing so . After a while , I decided I would work on my own songs and take the next step for me and have my own voice on the guitar.

Michael McDowell saw me on YT and contact me for a record deal on his label . I´m still pinching myself and i´m very grateful to him for granting me this opportunity .


What are some of the Inspirations that had made you play guitar?

Although my parents aren’t musicians , I grew up in a very musical home , my mother loved 80´s Hard Rock , Heavy Metal and Classical Music. It wasn’t uncommon for me to arrive home from school and there was some Kiss or Bach playing in the house . So i developed an interest in instruments and I wanted to sound like those great bands on the record . The turning point for me was when was I watching Live Without A Net by Van Halen, I was around 12 and I decided I wanted to become a guitar player .


What are your plans for the future?

I’m always working on new music , i´m actually working and thinking about future releases at the moment . 2018 was a great year for my guitar career and I hope to keep that pace on the upcoming years . I´m truly hoping to make it to NAMM next year also .


You are highly talented, for sure you will be the next big thing in guitar world, what have you planned to do for upcoming musicians?

Thanks a lot for the kind words . My biggest wish is to be able to share with upcoming musicians what I learned during my guitar journey . I know the struggle of studying by yourself , so I feel like sharing what you learned is what keeps the wheel turning in the guitar world .


How does it feel to work with Shredguy Records?

It feels like i’m in 1987 working on the golden years of shred guitar . Michael McDowell is great to work with and he also comes from the shred guitar scene , so he understands  and loves it . I´m very happy to be working with them .


Do you have a message and readers of the magazine?

First , thanks everyone for reading about myself on this interview . If you´re a musician , keep practicing , keep searching for different inspirations and remember that there´s always something new to learn. If you´re a Metal fan  then an extra thank you because it´s for you that we practice our instruments non stop :).


A Pleasure to have this Interview with you, have a wonderful day and we will connect soon Phoenix.

It was a pleasure to do this interview for you also . Have a wonderful day !


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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