Pristine new Finnish band Graven Sin stomp proudly on the shoulders of giants with their ravishing debut album, Veil of The Gods. Immaculate Heavy Metal, expertly delivered with stunning finesse and elegant Doom perfection, Veil of The Gods is a classic in the making. Rarely has a new band sounded so timeless, serving up a godly platter of first-class Heavy Metal, that Graven Sin seem chiselled in granite to sit side by side at a table with the greats from the very get go. 

It was a great pleasure to chat with the band on their debut album “Veil Of The Gods” and much behind it. The album was out on November 3, 2023.

Check out the Interview coverage on the below YouTube video.

The Morrigan
From The Shadows
She Who Rules Niflheim
I Am Samael
The Cult Of Nergal
The Scarlet Night
Beyond Mesopotamia
The Jackal God
The Wand Of Orcus
As The Erinyes Emerge

Check Out The Official Lyric Video For The Morrigan


Disturbingly Good


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