“ALIVE is the song that starts a new era for Red Devil Vortex, presenting the prodigy guitarist Luis Kalil as the new member. It’s a song of empowerment, about believing in yourself and being free to live on your own terms. After all the craziness and uncertainties brought by the Pandemic, we feel like this is a timeless message that fits the present moment perfectly, reminding us we can always be stronger and kick ass” says the band.

From living in an RV on the streets of Hollywood to #16 on the Billboard ChartsRed Devil Vortex is not only the sonic result of life’s chaos and frustrations, but a statement of fighting for what you believe in. Though adapting to a new world of cultural shocks and real life challenges when moving from Curitiba, Brazil to Los Angeles, CA, lead singer / bassist Gabriel Connor and drummer Iago Marcondes were relentless and just getting louder.

It was a pleasure to spend some time with Gabriel on Red Devil Vortex and much more, Check out the below YouTube Video for the complete coverage.

The Band:

Gabriel Connor – Vocals, Bass
Iago Marcondes – Drums, Backing vocals
Luis Kalil – Guitars, Backing vocals


Disturbingly Good


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