Rot Away is a new, effervescent hardcore band, with roots in the Copenhagen underground metal scene. With former members of Hexis, Northern Blues, Scarred By Beauty and EVRA, Rot Away have plenty of experience, despite their short lifespan.

Rot Away’s sound, lies in the buttery hole between the heavy modern metallic hardcore, and the more biting and fast thrash metal. The instrumental inspiration is taken from bands like Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, but also from bands like Brutality will Prevail, END, Expire and Turnstile etc, it results in a golden fusion of high-intensity, and dynamic songwriting.

The universe in where Rot Away is located, life is about coming to terms with one’s mental illnesses, problems and diseases, but at the same time about breaking with these through anger and aggression, in order to get out on the other side.

 Rot Away’s live show is an aggressive energy discharge, like a fist in your face and encourages under the slogan “MAKE STAGEDIVES GREAT AGAIN” the audience to become part of the stage show and take part in their chaotic universe.

 In the summer of 2020, Rot Away went in the studio to record their debut album “NOTHING IS GOOD”.

Metalheads Forever Magazine had the pleasure to have a zoom call with the guys of Rot Away, Check out the amazing interview in the YouTube video below.

Line up:
Jonathan Albrechtsen – vocals
Christian Hammer Mattesen – guitars
Ole Palm Schwartz – bass
Andreas Albrechtsen – drums

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Disturbingly Good


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