SPIRAL SKIES is an orchestra who plays what can most easily be described as “on other planets kinda rock.”  Fronted by the charismatic singer Frida whose voice has been compared to Grace Slick and Kate Bush, Spiral Skies´ sound is a fine blend between 70’s psychedelic rock and 80’s heavy metal, with lots of spices of doom, folk and fuzz all mixed in a dark and whirly brew.
Spiral Skies has enchanted their audience and listeners since 2015, and released their highly appreciated debut album “Blues for a Dying Planet” in 2018. The band gained a lot of attention for their unique music style, combining a lot of different elements such as melancholy, fast riffing and blackened surf guitars as well as a memorable performance at Sweden Rock and tours through Europe, opening for acts like High on Fire, Orange Goblin and Truckfighters to name a few.

Check Out the below Interview with Spiral Skies

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, the editorial Head, how are you today?

Hi Keith, nice to meet you! Just fine over here, the spring has finally come to Sweden and we are about to release our second album in a couple of days.  

Death Is A Door is scheduled to be out on March 25, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?

We have had this album finished for quite a while. We had to postpone our studio time 3 times due to covid. That was a mess really. However the writing process has been quite easy, we jam every week and the songs forms between us while we´re jamming. We also had some older songs that did´nt make it to the first album, so we re-arranged them and tucked them in. Mirror of Ilusion is a really old one, and we have re-written it so many times, and finally we all felt pleased with it. Not always that easy with five song writers really, haha!

Was there a concept that was put behind this album?

 No, so far we have not worked with concepts. Maybe in the future, who knows. Each song stands out for itself like a small story, both musically and lyrically. 

The cover art with a female reaper looks fascinating. What is the theme behind this art?

Oh, thank you! We also felt that it was such a beautiful artwork. We gave Jonathan Hultén free hands, only knowing that the title of the album would be death is but a door, and he was really spot on. 

Any plans on March 25, the day of the release?

Yes, we are having a big release party in Stockholm, where we will play the album and some golden oldies as well, along with some special guests that will appear on stage! Will be a blast for sure.

How does touring look for you guys?

 Not that much yet but we hope we can find some tour opportunities. I mostly book all the shows myself and to be honest I would love to work with a booking label. Our goal is to achieve that sometimes soon, so we can come out and tour more. 

How has the musical journey been for you guys so far?

 A constant journey. Since we have a new member (Johnny left summer 2021) we have now new influences in the song writing. We have not started writing new songs yet but we are very eager to. So that will be exciting for us all. During the last 5 years there has been about 6 babies born within the band, so that is off course something that affects the procedure. With that in mind, I am sure you won´t have to wait another 4 years until we release the next album. I think we have found another way of working since the guys got families. We are more focused and don´t tend to get stuck with the small stuff.

Frida’s vocals and the entire band’s musical works made Spiral Skies sound amazing, a genre which sounds fresh, which gives a blend of everything gave a special attention and made it huge for you guys, how do you feel about the success?

 Wow, thank you, that makes me really glad to hear. I was never the solo girl in choir as a child, I was too shy, haha! We are very grateful for the success and the fact that many listeners think we are quite original, even though everyone thinks we remind them of other band. However, it is a very wide spectra I could tell you. Maybe because all the members are from country, punk, black metal, crossover hardcore,  symphonic metal, classic folk music in the band. You get a nice blend of it. 

What would be your upcoming plans?

 To play live as much as we can, to work with a booking label, and to write new songs, record music videos. To keep spreading the music really.

What would be the biggest dreams?

 To achieve that much that we could give music even more of our time. We all have full-time jobs but for me personally I have so much creativity that I would love to use it more, without having anxiety over paying bills. Other wise, for us to stay healthy and happy and keep on making records and memories together. 

How does the band look into the future?

 A new member will definitely make an impact on the song writing i think. Will be fun! Otherwise I have arranged some gigs with other bands, and we will play some festivals this summer. And have some interesting ideas of next music video that I want to realise, together with Olli and Klara (Firtan, AOP Records). Will invite them to my cabin in Sweden and make som cool stuff. 

Would you like to share some big moments?

 Probably some weeks ago when i Thought i Lost my braces (aligners) and the owner of the live venue stood beside me helping me looking thru the garbage after my braces. Haha! Priceless… Otherwise, a big moment was when Revolver Magazine shared our video, when we were the 4000nd band to play live at Sweden Rock Festival, and when we wrote the record contract with Aop Records.

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

We thank you truly for your support, and we appreciate it SO much. Hope you will like our new songs of course 🙂 We can’t wait to meet you on our first show in Greece (which we are eager for someone to book, haha), and share our new music for your ears!

Thank you, Keith,


Death Is But A Door” Tracklisting:
1. The Endless Sea
2. While The Devil Is Asleep
3. Into The Night
4. Somewhere In The Dark
5. Heart of Darkness
6. Nattmaran
7. Time
8. Mirage
9. Mirror of Illusion

Music Videos

The Band

Credit: MikaelaTomazdotter

Frida Eurenius – Vocals 
Dan Svanljung – Guitar, Organ, Piano, Didgeridoo 
Jonas Lyander – Guitar 
Eric Sandberg – Bass 
Daniel Bäckman – Drums, Percussion. 

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