The Swedish Darkened Metal Band has just released their new album “Portal Tombs”. Portal Tombs is a terrifying but electrifying exploration of the gloomy depths of human nature: a monolithic manifestation of the musical force that is MASS WORSHIP.

The Music speaks it all, that is the outcome of Portal Tombs. It was a special moment to have this interview with Fred Forsberg of Mass Worship, Check out the below Interview on YouTube video below.


  1. Specular Void (05:01)
  2. Portal Tombs (03:22)
  3. Revel in Fear (04:06)
  4. Orcus Mouth (04:56)
  5. Unholy Mass (02:58)
  6. Dunes of Bone (03:26)
  7. Scorched Earth (03:35)
  8. Empyrean Halls (03:40)
  9. Deliverence (07:27)

Music Videos

The Band

Gustav Eriksson (guitar)
Dadde Stark (bass)
Claes Nordin (vocals)
Fred Forsberg (drums)

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