Interview With Andy H.C. Of Finnish Metal Band Affection

Instead of being tied to a single conventional genre, Affection found it’s unique and versatile sound within its  members distinct musical backgrounds. Combined with rich and powerful lyrics, this has been the band’s  resonant foundation from the beginning. Striving from Helsinki, Finland, this indomitable power engine has been  fusing elements of modern rock and alternative metal since 2013. 

They recently released their debut full length album “Remnants” which builds an honest and captivating scenery for the listener. It offers heavy  guitar riffs, raw energy, and catchy melodies. The album presents the band’s musically enriched and deepened,  multifaceted, character.

It was my pleasure to have Andy H.C. for an Interview, an awesome fella, Check out the complete interview on the YouTube link below.

Track Listing:

  1. Man In The Shadow
  2. Escape
  3. Since Blood
  4. Thousand Mirrors
  5. Transformation
  6. Ben Moore
  7. Highway On Denial
  8. Inherit Silence
  9. Animal Kingdom
  10. Absorbia

Music Videos

The Band

Vocals – Andy H.C. 

Guitar – Olli Rinnevalli 

Bass – Panu Nykänen 

Drums – Reda Kramdi 

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