Interview With The Amazing “Anna Achimowicz” Of Rock Dance Theatre

Anna Achimowicz – lyricist and songwriter and stage professional. founder, rock choreographer, and physical front woman of Rock Dance Theatre as well as the face and lead bass player of solo metal project Rebel Crush. Professional stage performer with over 20 years of experience, movement director and physical contemporary dance teacher, collaborated among others w. Stagman, Ryan Roxie, Eric Dover, Peter Sager. Freelance movement director for music videos, fashion, stage and film featured in ‘Whispers’ by Vincent, ‘Animals’ by SupremeUnbeing next to David Ellefson. Raised in San Diego, CA, based currently out of Europe. Guest teacher and masterclass coach. Author of “TIME to Rock” workshop series, author and Rock Dance Theatre live stream meeting series – podcast host, author. 

It was a great pleasure to have the most amazing Anna Achimowicz on the Interview, Stage Professional, Rock Choreographer, Bassist, Super Model, Professional Therapist, She’s one of the best out there and the first to do something different, Hear from her on the below YouTube video about her awesome works and the road she travelled and the future she is looking into.

Head licensed physiotherapist and owner of individual medical practice Performing Arts Medicine CMT as BANDAid – Physiotherapy for Rockstars specialised in body management and treatment of musicians, dancers, athletes and stage performers in the live arts industry. Co-author of “Body Management for bassists/ dancers/ performers” seminar series. Featured in 2021 Bass Player Magazine Autumn issue about musicians health ‘Play Safe’. Anna is a multi-talent and freelance artist collaborating with international artists among others within the music, physical theatre and fashion community. Featured in Bass Player Magazine US/UK, Bass Musician Magazine, ELLE magazine, Newsweek PL

Artistic and Medical anniversaries of 2022 include 22 years of Anna’s on stage career as an artistic director, performer, choreographer, teacher, bassist, physical front woman, and self titled “rock hybrid” known in her work for the fusion Rock Dance Theatre founded in March 2016, and Rebel Crush in April 2021. Anna Achimowicz is also licensed Physiotherapist and Bachelor of Science,  since 2013 running her own private practice launched initially as CMT Dance Medicine Center Poland, later extended with 2020 #MusicBandAid program oriented at Musicians Health and Dance Medicine specialised. NCMT therapy licensed Physiotherapist and method founder of MusicBANDAid Physiotherapy for Rockstars, established between Poland, Austria, Sweden Anna is a very experienced medical professional with 15 years of experience working with word touring artists and bands, enforced with her over 22 years of active artistic career merged into a ying and yang of Medicine & Arts in her work and lifestyle. 

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