Monroe’s latest slice of raw rock ‘n’ roll heaven released by Silver Lining Music worldwide on June 10th, 2022.

Icon, song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, media personality, flamboyant force of nature and one of rock’s most celebrated and uber-kinetic front-men, Michael has been a name and a (much-photographed) face on the scene since 1979 when he played a central role in the formation of Hanoi Rocks – legendary Finnish glam-punk heroes who came within a rolling paper’s width of taking the world by glitter-storm.

At a time when fun has been hard to feel, I Live Too Fast To Die Young is lean, mean, raw power rock ‘n’ roll music, with cracking cuts such as “Young Drunks & Old Alcoholics”, “All Fighter” and the punky fun of “Murder The Summer Of Love” showing crisp electricity and melodies which wrap their shimmering selves around some razor sharp riffs. There are also expansive, Stones-tinged saunters such as “Can’t Stop Falling Apart” and “Everybody’s Nobody”, while the title track takes aim between your eyes off a driving back-beat with a defiant chorus dripping with Monroe’s irrepressible attitude.

This album has a great combination and balance of songsand the collection tells a great overall story,” says Monroe, who became internationally famous as frontman of the enormously influential Hanoi Rocks in the early ‘80s, “it has a lot of colour and energy, and of course it is rock ’n’ roll, but punk is also always going to be a part of who we are, that will never die.”

It’s a great pleasure to have the Iconic, Glam Metal Star of All time “Michael Monroe” on the Interview to talk about the new album and much more, Check out the most loved Star of our time the Great Michael on the below YouTube video.

01 Murder The Summer Of Love
02 Young Drunks – Old Alcoholics
03 Derelict Palace
04 All Fighter
05 Everybody’s Nobody
06 Antisocialite
07 Can’t Stop Falling Apart
08 Pagan Prayer
09 No Guilt
10-I Live Too Fast To Die Young
11-Dearly Departed

Music Videos

The Band

Michael Monroe – lead vocals
Steve Conte – guitars
Rich Jones – guitars
Sami Yaffa – bass
Karl Rockfist – drums

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