This fierce Toronto based artist’s music is blistering hard rock with a gritty punk-blues attitude, that can set a stage on fire. The empowering messages embedded in her music and soul-shaking live show, have quickly built SATE’s reputation as an artist impossible to ignore. Armed with ferocious soulful wails, relentless guitars, pulsating organs, and greasy grooves. SATE will satisfy your hunger.

It was a pleasure to have the beautiful Soul from Toronto, Check out the below awesome Interview with Sate on YouTube.


SATE is a Toronto artist who combines blistering gritty blues with dirty rock. As the daughter of Canadian blues/jazz singer & theatre pioneer Salome Bey, SATE’s unique sound evolves from the culmination of a lifetime spent fully immersed in music. Combining empowering messages and a soul-shaking live show, she has quickly built a reputation as an artist impossible to ignore. Known for delivering repeated electrifying performances, she continues to wow audiences around the world in North & South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

The subsequent success of her debut album, “RedBlack&Blue”, with audiences worldwide including Europe, Canada and the United States, garnered her both substantial media attention and a significant increase to her already loyal fan base.  From 2016-2018, she completed six tours in Europe alone.  Her debut single “Warrior”, received frequent rotation on numerous commercial rock stations across Canada, on satellite radio, and on North American college formats. In addition, “Warrior” has been synched repeatedly for television, film and video games.  SATE has been featured on an array of websites, including Ebony, noisey, AMBY, AfroPunk, Vogue, FADER and is the first and only Black Canadian woman to grace AfroPunk stages in Paris, New York and Atlanta.  In 2019, she released her newest single and video “Dirty Little Lie”, from her upcoming album. 

SATE’s new album explores her connection to the Tarot, and is aptly named “The Fool”.  This sophomore album is SATE’s evolution, showcasing her ferocious yet vulnerable soulful wails and delivering soul-centered, thought provoking lyrics against a backdrop of relentlessly grimey guitars, pulsating organs, and greasy grooves produced by Hill Kourkoutis.  SATE says, “This album is vital to me.  It is a reflection on the risks I take to live fully while experiencing both victory and tumult, and the spaces in between where I learn resilience.  Ultimately, this album is for the Fool in all of us.”

Music Videos

The Fool Track Listing

  1. Loofeht
  2. Dirty Little Lie
  3. Howler
  4. Call Her
  5. Nobody
  6. Guardian Angel
  7. Famous
  8. Dream Stream
  9. Weight On Me
  10. The World
  11. IV (SFC Feat. Ursula Rucker)
  12. The Fool

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