Hell wants revenge…and the WARKINGS are ready for battle.

A new crusade arises from the sinister clutches of the underworld: The mighty WARKINGS enter the battleground and face ghoulish demons with a formidable weapon made of pure Heavy Metal. Join the clan of the reincarnated with the new full-length album, Revenge, released on July 31, 2020 via Napalm Records.

I had the great opportunity to speak to the mighty Viking, we discussed about the band, the new album and more.

Hello Viking, I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?

I’m good, how are you

Your second full length album Revenge is set to release on the 31st of this month, tell me about the songwriting and production behind it?

We started writing the songs last year in autumn after the festivals, we were very hyped up because the festival went great, there was so much energy and people enjoyed the songz and they had a good time, so we wanted to use this kind of energy and power to create new music, so we just straight after the festival came together started writing songs when we still have that feeling and put everything in the songs and that’s what we did.

The 10 track album is it based on some Folklore, what is the story you have kept behind it?

It’s not one, but every song has its own story, there is no specific concept, but every song has its own story for itself, some are about the battles from the past and there was one song about us and the fans, that kind of stuff.

The Four ancient kings, A Roman Tribune, A Wild Viking,  A Noble Crusader and a Martial Spartan, how these kings rise up?

That’s what we are, we were all warriors back in the day, died in the war field, and we are back and we just used the name, so this sums up what we are and where we are from.

Can you tell me how Warkings was formed?

Yes like I said before, we are from Valhalla, however you want to call it, whatever religion you are, we make from the afterlife, we did know each other, and we wanted to start a fight, like we never seen a Spartan before, in this battle we fight with metal and we cannot kill each other, so we decided to sit together and talk about our experiences and to write some songs and we realized it doesn’t matter where you are from, doesn’t matter what beliefs you have, What religion you are in or what color your skin is, when you are dead that’s what it is, so we decided to form the band.

One of the great power metal for 2020, amazing vocals, and extraordinary music, this is one for the world in 2020, thanks for putting up, what do you feel as a band about the release?

We really want people to listen to it, we loved every song and everything we put in to this, and we still play the heavy metal, power metal, whatever you want to call it, some extra spices here and there, we want this album to come out and can’t wait for the release, so that you can hear all the songs.

How was the last tour?

It was great, In October 2019, we went along with the German band Majesty, it was in small clubs it was packed, People were singing our songs and it was really great to see that, and everyone was enjoying it, it was great and amazing energy we saw there, so we decided to go back to studio straight.

And then we were supposed to tour a lot in this summer, but everyone got cancelled because of the pandemic and we are hoping to come and play next year.

Any great moments you wanted to share with me from the previous years?

One of the greatest moments would  be the Wacken Festival in Germany, which they say is the greatest metal festival, that was an insane moment, we were really looking forward to play there, on the day we went to the festival, the weather was not so good, it was raining a little bit, there was thunder in a distance, two hours before our show they stopped the festival, there was a warning from the Government because of the thunder storms, and everybody and all the fans almost 80,000 people left the festival area, so we had to find some shelter in some houses and there was a little bit of chaos as nobody knew whats going on and told us the festival got cancelled, and then they  say 40 minutes before our schedule time, they said we are continuing the festival and you are next on the stage and our crew has to rush to the stage and set everything up and we went there and we started and the whole place was empty and we were a little bit stoked, oh there was 80,000 people in the festival and now no one is there, everybody is outside and after 30 minutes we started, you know there are different stages in Wacken and our place is packed with almost 10,000 people and its one of the best shows we had so far.

Message for the fans?

Oh yeah, thanks very much for so many people who loves our music and we are really looking forward to release the album and hopefully if this virus goes away, we can tour again and travel all around the world and meet the amazing fans out there

The Band:
Tribune – Vocals
Crusader – Guitars
Spartan – Drums
Viking – Bass

WARKINGS – Revenge:
Once, there were four ancient kings who gathered in the golden halls of Valhalla, a roman Tribune, a wild Viking, a noble Crusader and a martial Spartan. They were sent back to the living by the allfather himself to tell the stories of the epic battles they fought. It turned out to be a great time for the WARKINGS, striking the world with their battle hymns. Keen of new adventures they made their way through the land of the living. But as the fame of the four kings rose, the envy and hate of the Underworld grew.

When the four kings escaped from the realms of darkness, they stole their souls from the lords of the Underworld. In rage, bloodthirsty demons and warriors swarmed out to retrieve what belonged to them, seeking for revenge on those who betrayed them. But the kings strike back. Leading the constantly growing legion of their WARKINGS Warriors, they will enter the eternal fight against the darkness. Armed with new hymns and with a mighty battle cry, they will put themselves against the forces of the underworld.

1. Freedom
2. Maximus
3. Warriors
4. Fight in the Shade
5. Odin’s Sons (featuring The Queen of the Damned)
6. Banners High
7. Mirror, Mirror
8. Azrael
9. Battle of Marathon
10. Warking
11. Sparta (Bonus Track featuring The Queen of the Damned)


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