“These are our stories our trials and tribulations. This is who we are.” Says Mike Keller, the guitarist and founder behind the Bay Area Power Rock band “Letters from the Fire”
The band is on the road and they were ready to do this Interview with us even in the nick of time. They are emerging as one of the power band and they are much appreciated by the fans, Their album “Worth The Pain” which was released this year is really worth listening to. I was amazed by the talent and the Vocalist Alexa Kabazie is really a good add on to the band. Let’s hear what the band says about them in the short and sweet Interview.

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you guys doing, I know you are on the road touring in Support of “Worth The Pain” and Thanks very much for giving us your time and doing this Interview for us?

Hey guys!  Thank you for having us.  All is well out here on the road.  This has definitely been a very long tour but we are stoked to be out here rockin’

14721587_1198828463521591_2596616936963680257_nA new album with a new Singer “Alexa Kabazie” how do you feel about this change, how well is Alexa getting along with the band?

We love the change very much. It’s been the smoothest this band has run in a long time and Alexa has definitely become part of the LFTF family.

“Worth The Pain” was out last month, What is the outcome of the album and how is the fans reaction on this new album?

The fan reaction has been so amazing.  Not only from current fans but new fans as well.  It seems like we have something special on our hands and we can’t wait to see how the rest of this album cycle turns out.

Is there something, a kind of history behind the album name “Worth The Pain”, does it have anything related to the band or any of its members?

“Worth The Pain” has to do with the hard times that this band has gone through.  We have had different names and many different singers.  So it has been tough.  But when we finished this record, we all looked at each other in excitement and knew that this was all “Worth The Pain.”

“Letters from the Fire” has made themselves a name among the genre of hard rock, you have become so popular and being loved by the hard rockers, how did you manage this in this span of time?

I think our personalities really stand out with our fans.  We answer every message and try to be as personable as we can.  We love meeting everyone at the merch table and that speaks volumes among fans.”

12036976_906375086100265_6885613097411583452_nCan you let us know a bit elaborately on how it all began, and how you guys formed together as a band?

I (Mike) started this band back in 2007 in my senior year in high school.  I mean I couldn’t really tell you every step on how we got here…haha, but let’s just say it’s been a long journey and we are happy to be where we are.

How was the name of the band coined, and Is there a history behind it?

“Letters From The Fire” was the name of a song on our record when we were called Park Lane.  But it really does represent who we are. Our stories, trials, and tribulations are the letters from the fire.

If you want to tour the world, how far will you go? Are there any countries you really want to go and perform?

“We will play anywhere and everywhere people are willing to listen!”

You have been touring these days, how do you guys feel, are you energized, are the fans having a good time with you out there on the road?

This is the first tour in about a year and a half and we are so excited to be back out on the road.  We definitely feel like we are getting better and better every day and we have been loving meeting all the fans.

Thanks guys for giving us your time on your busy schedule, Would you like to give a message for the fans and readers?

Thank you for having us!  We just want to thank the fans for the continued support and let them all know that we are nothing without them.  They are out inspiration and they are the life blood that keeps this band going.


Keith Clement / Metalheads Forever Magazine

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